Frequently Asked Questions

What CBks Regulation addresses Access Control Procedures?
CBks Regulation 190-7

May a minor (Under 18) driving on post escort other minors onto Carlisle Barracks?
Yes, a minor with a DOD ID Card may escort other minors onto Carlisle Barracks, but not an adult 18 years and older.

What is HSPD12?
Homeland Security Presidential Directive #12 directs the Department of Defense to use the National Crime Information Center Interstate Identification Index (NCIC-III) to vet personnel entering the installation that do not possess a U.S. Government Common Access Card (CAC), and/or Uniformed Services Identification (ID) Card.

When will Carlisle Barracks implement HSPD12?
Starting Jan. 1, 2015, Carlisle Barracks will vet all visitors and uncleared contractors requesting entry that do not possess a U.S. Government Common Access Card (CAC), Uniformed Services Identification (Military ID) Card or Gold Star ID Card. Visitors will need to go to the Visitor Center located at the Claremont Gate for a background check and a visitor's pass.

What if I forget my CAC or ID card at home/work?
You will be required to go to the Claremont Gate Visitor Center for a NCIC-III background check and receive a visitor's pass - or you can have someone bring your ID to you at the Visitor Center. If you forgot your CAC or ID card, you can use the Kiosk in the VCC. The Kiosk is only accessible when the VCC is open.

Can I apply for a pass in advance?
Visitors have the option of applying for background checks and receiving IAC passes up to 30 days in advance by visiting the Visitor Center or via fax. Carlisle Barracks Form 228 can be faxed to 717-245-3750 or for questions you can call 717-245-3733, 717-245-3725 or 717-245-3721 on how to email the application.

If the Visitor Center is closed how do I get a pass? Proceed to the Claremont Gate where the Security Guards will process you for a pass when the Visitor Center is closed.

How about restaurants off post that deliver food on post?
Food delivery drivers will be required to get a visitor pass when they deliver food on the installation. It should only add a few minutes to the delivery time, provided the delivery driver meets the criteria for receiving a visitor pass.

I'm divorced and non-military but my child is a military dependent with an ID card. Do I need a visitor's pass to take her to medical appointments on post? How does this work?
You can apply for a visitor pass at the Visitor Center. IAC passes are valid for one-year and must be renewed annually.

I am active-duty military with a 21-year-old son who is a part-time student and no longer has a military ID. He still lives at home with us on Carlisle Barracks while he attends school. Will he be required to go through the Visitor Control Center each time he leaves for school and comes back onto post? Is there a plan to issue former dependents living on post a long-term pass?
If your son lives with you on post, he is eligible for an IAC pass. You will need to sponsor him for the IAC Pass. Contact the Visitor Center for more information on how to sponsor him.

I work for the U.S. Department of State and frequently travel to Carlisle Barracks for official business. Will my U.S. State Department credentials be sufficient to enter the installation? Or will I need a visitor pass?
Your federal credentials are acceptable identification. You do not need a visitor pass. Proceed to the gate as you normally would.

I ride my bicycle on Carlisle Barracks on weekends. I have my driver's license on me, when I ride on the post. Will I be able to ride on the post with my ID or will these rules affect bicycle riders also entering the base?
All visitors to the installation without a CAC, military ID or IAC pass will need a visitor's pass if they are going through an Access Control Point, to include those riding bicycles. Bike helmets are required on Carlisle Barracks.

We are a moving company and deliver and pickup Soldiers household goods on post. What do we need to do to have a pass for all our trucks?
Your employees will need an IAC pass. The pass is for contractors doing work on Carlisle Barracks and is valid for one year, with an approved background check. Contact your Government Employee Sponsor (GES) or Contracting Representative (COR) to submit the paperwork. If you don't know who your GES is, contact the organization on Carlisle Barracks in which you work with the most.

I enjoy coming to different events on post, eating at the restaurants and using banks on post. I visit very often. Will I need to get a pass each time I visit or will I qualify for an extended pass?
You will be required to get a visitor's pass when you come on to the installation. When you arrive, you may try to request a pass for a duration up to one year, but it will depend on the reason for your visit.

Can I as a DoD ID Card holder escort a moving truck? No, IAW CBKS 190-7 moving truck employees cannot be escorted.

I am a DA Civilian working on post. Is there a plan to issue credentials to spouses of DAC employees to come onto post so they don't have to get a visitor pass?
For unescorted access, your spouse will need a visitor's pass which will be valid for up to one year, and can be obtained from the Visitor Center with government sponsorship.

I am a Gold Star ID cardholder. Will I need a visitor pass?
No. The Gold Star ID is an acceptable form of identification for entry to the installation. Proceed to the gate as you normally would.

We live on post and it took us over an hour to get a cab to bring us home New Years Eve. The cabs all refused to even try to come on post. The cab driver who did finally pick us up said he had to pay a $200 fee for permission to come on post. What's the deal?
There are no permission fees to come onto post. Background checks and visitors passes are provided for free, to visitors and businesses alike. Businesses must have a valid reason for needing access to post, and drivers must pass a background check. Any cab company pushing "permission fees" onto their customers should be reported to the Better Business Bureau. Cab Driver's cannot be escorted IAW CBKS 190-7.

What about visitors who visit the post cemetery frequently? Will we need to get a visitor pass each time and access by the Claremont Gate entrance?
Yes, based on the Carlisle Barracks Access Control Regulation 190-7, you would be required to obtain a pass for each visit.

I have a concealed carry permit from Pennsylvania which requires a background check. Would this not suffice to get on post? It has a picture as well. I do not carry a weapon on post but from time to time I do visit with friends.
Your previous background check is separate from the one required to enter Carlisle Barracks. In order to receive a visitor's pass, you would still need to undergo an NCIC-III background check through the Carlisle Barracks Visitor Center. As a reminder on CBks you may not carry your weapon even if you have a concealed carry permit.

I see that the NCIC-III check looks for felonies within the last ten years. My question is: Is it ten years from the date of conviction or ten years from the completion of probation?
It's from the date of the arrest.

Is there any way around the requirement for a background check? I have a felony conviction but I need to get onto post to work.
If you are currently employed or seeking employment on the installation, your organization / Government Employee sponsor can elect to sponsor you through the denial waiver process. There is no way around this requirement.

My fiancé has an expunged offense that will show up on an NCIC background check. Will this prevent her from coming onto post until we are married or is there a clause allowing for these issues?
If the offense is indeed expunged, your fiancé should not encounter any trouble when her background is run. However, keep in mind that her NCIC background check has to reflect that the offense was expunged

Can unofficial foreign visitors receive an unescorted visitor pass?
Yes, unofficial foreign visitors may submit the Carlisle Barracks form 296-R-E requesting unescorted access. Note, typical processing time for the Carlisle Barracks for 296-R-E is 30 days. Persons wishing to process the form should plan in advance. The approval cannot be processed at the Visitor’s Center on the day access is requested.

Can UBER/LYFT come on Carlisle Barracks?
Uber/LYFT will be issued a 1-entry pass upon a favorable background check. Uber/LYFT are not granted trusted traveler status.

Can Navy Federal members get a 1 year pass?
With proof of membership to Navy Federal, the visitor can receive a 1 year pass with a favorable background check

Can I access Carlisle Barracks with a DD214 or a VA card?
No, you must undergo a background check, if cleared you will be issued a pass

Can I store my firearm in a locker at the Army War College?
No, Firearms are not permitted on the Army War College. There is not a locker to store your firearm while you are on the Army War College installation.

Can I use my Installation Access Pass (AIE pass) to buy things at the PX/Commissary?
No, the visitor pass does not grant access to shopping at the PX/Commissary.

Can I use the Golf Course and LVCC?
Yes, the golf course and LVCC are open to the public. Note, the LVCC is located within the cantonment area of post and will require an approved Installation Access Pass.

Can I use the hotel on Carlisle Barracks?
Yes, If you are not a CAC or id cardholder, you will need a pass from the Visitor Center.

Can I access Carlisle Barracks with a TWIC?
No, you must undergo a background check, if cleared you will be issued a pass.

Can I access Carlisle Barracks with a Real ID driver's license?
No, you must undergo a background check, if cleared you will be issued a pass.

Can I access Carlisle Barracks with a VHIC? No, you must undergo a background check, if cleared you will be issued a pass.