USAWC Military Family Program Spouse Projects

Each academic year, volunteer spouses of USAWC students (U.S. & International) produce a Spouse Project that contributes to the family readiness body of knowledge based on their senior spouse experience. If you are interested in being a part of the AY 20 Student Spouse Project, you are highly encouraged to attend the project organization meeting sponsored by the USAWC Military Family Program. If you have any questions or ideas for the upcoming AY 20 Spouse Project, contact the MFP Director.

Examples of prior Spouse Projects are provided below:


ay18 project

Leave A Legacy Volunteer Program Guidebook
Positively Impacting Military and Civilian Communities Through Volunteerism

AY 2019 Spouses' Project

The Leave A Legacy Volunteer Program (LALVP) was the official AY 2019 Spouse Project for the United States Army War College's Military Family Program. The AY 19 Spouses' Project is about making a deeper connection to the civilian community. We have families who volunteered in the local Carlisle Community as well as participating in larger events and putting in hours when and where they could for any organization who might have needed it.

The Leave A Legacy Volunteer Program was the Spouses Project but it turned into something much more than just a project. It turned into a foundation for future families to establish deeper roots in the Carlisle/Cumberland communities. The tangible part about the project is the guidebook and people can take that with them to their next destination if they so choose. That is one amazing legacy!



ay18 project

Resource Guide:
An Unofficial Guide and Tribute for all the Spouses Standing in the Gap for their Soldiers and Communities!

AY 2018 Spouses' Project

Welcome to the 2018 USAWC Spouse Project. Our goal was to bring together all the experience, wisdom, and lessons from senior spouses who have carved out lives for themselves and their families over the years.

With so many resources available to our modern military community, we wanted to create something personal, accessible, and applicable to a wide range of Mighty Military Spouses. Simply put, we wanted to give our community a starting point for discussing ideas and finding ways to support each other. Because we are all Mighty in our own way and our lifestyle is not for the faint of heart.

Click HERE to access the videos that accompany this Resource Guide


ay17 project

Today's Military Spouse

AY 2017 Spouses' Project

This Spouse' Project continues the USAWC tradition but in a never before platform that is user friendly and easy for all spouses to access, regardless of their level of involvement with the unit or installation. Today's Military Spouse: A Video Series is relatable to all spouses, especially the youngest generation of spouses. Over thirty spouses from all branches of the military contributed approximately six hundred volunteer hours to create the seven videos.



ay16 project

Barracks and Beyond: the Unofficial Guide to Carlisle Barracks and Communities

AY 2016 Spouses' Project

When our group of volunteers initially met in the fall of 2015, we brainstormed lots of topics in an effort to decide what we wanted the AY16 spouse legacy to be. We discussed doing an update of a past project such as the Battalion Commander's Spouse Guide or performing a sustainable service project such as a partnership with a local school or nursing home. At the end of the meeting we decided on this year's project, Barracks and Beyond: Our Unofficial Guide of Carlisle Barracks and the Surrounding Communities.



ay15 project

At Ease: We're All In This Together

AY 2015 Spouses' Project

"At Ease" was the first of its kind in the history of the annual USAWC Spouse Project. It provided an opportunity for USAWC family members of the Class of 2015 to share what they have experienced and learned as military spouses, with the intention informing and inspiring all who read it. "At Ease" is a positive reflection of the special strength, fortitude, generosity, and loyalty of military family members. Simply put, this book celebrates military family resiliency at its finest.



ay12 project

Recapture the Sisterhood, Embrace the Misterhood

AY 2012 Spouses' Project

Recapture the Sisterhood, Embrace the Misterhood is a compilation of fabulous need-to-know information pertaining to connecting, coaching, and mentoring today's Army spouse. Using feedback, personal experience, and anecdotal vignettes, the goal of this project is to reignite an interest in assuming the unique role an Army Spouse can have in this area.

"Sisterhood" will be a great addition to your resource library!



ay11 project

Basics from the Barracks - Military Etiquette and Protocol

AY 2011 Spouses' Project

A comprehensive resource to assist fellow military families with information relating to our military, national, and international etiquette and protocol.

It has been our privilege to continue the traditon of the spouse project by creating a guide to military protocol and etiquette. This is the culmination of both fact and reference material as well as experience and knowledge of a committee of senior military spouses. Although the committee attempted to broaden our scope to generally apply to the military as opposed to a particular branch and touch on pertinent topics to this technological generation, it cannot be denied that an Army "old school" traditional slant is evident. Throughout this guide, there are boxed references to provide a historical context for many of these subjects in order to further appreciate our unique military traditions and customs.



ay10 project

The Company Commanders Spouse Battle Book

AY 2010 Spouses' Project

A resource Handbook Each year at the United States Army War College (USAWC), the spouses of the students are given the opportunity to participate in a class project. For the past years, spouse committees have chosen to write handbooks regarding information pertinent to spouses and Family members in the armed forces. In 1996, a committee of spouses wrote IT TAKES A TEAM - A Resource for the Company Commander's Spouse/Representative.

Spouses from the USAWC Class of 2010 chose to update this particular guidebook and write THE COMPANY COMMANDER'S SPOUSE BATTLE BOOK for three reasons; use of the internet, the reorganization of the U.S. Army, and the increased deployment of units because of the War on Terror and Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. (OEF, OIF)



ay10 project

The Battle Book IV: A Guide for Spouses in Leadership Roles

AY 2009 Spouses' Project

Today's military serves a Nation at War. The Battle Book IV: A Guide for Spouses in Leadership Roles offers a wealth of information and resources that address the tough requirements of our times.

This handbook represents the caring work of spouses of students of the U.S. Army War College (USAWC) Class of 2005 and was updated by the Class of 2007 and most recently by the student spouses of the Class of 2009.

It is designed to help Families learn about the military and better understand the Soldier's mission. The Soldier, the spouse, and the Family work together as a team. This guidebook provides a well researched, well written, and well organized view to move that team forward.