Military Family Program (MFP)


The Military Family Program at the U.S. Army War College is a graduate level complementary program that both supports and supplements the academic curriculum and provides for the needs and interests of students, as well as their spouses and children. The MFP is commitment to building a partnership with Army Families that enhances their strength and resilience.

Strong support for military families is more important than ever. During more than a decade of war and increasing global tensions our military and their families have stood firm in support of our great nation, and our nation is united in honoring the sacrifices made by all military families.

The MFP's objective is to support US Army War College students and their spouses to prepare for their future roles as senior leaders responsible for developing and implementing personal, unit and community family programs around the world. To accomplish these objectives, the MFP will present a series of lectures, seminars and workshops throughout the academic year.

All of these activities are open to all resident and non- resident USAWC students and spouses. We will also stream video of these events to support geographically separated spouses, USAWC Fellows and our Distance Education Program.


Military Family Program Mission

Nowhere does the military mission so closely integrate a range of opportunities to enhance personal interests, professional development, fitness, resiliency, and social networking as it does here at the U.S. Army War College. We encourage you to use these offerings to build your Individual Development Plan for the year.

The vision of the Military Family Program is to provide educational opportunities and experiences to strengthen resiliency and effectiveness of senior leaders, their spouses and families. This graduate-level program:

  • Complements and enriches USAWC educational opportunities
  • Prepares leaders, their spouses and families for future endeavors
  • Strengthens family connections and resiliency

The activities of the Military Family Program are structured into four Categories:

  • Leadership and Readiness
  • Personal Growth and Well-being
  • Personal Financial Management
  • Family Growth and Resilience

Each category offers a series of lectures and/or skill-building classes for spouses and students that are designed to better prepare them for their roles as senior leaders. Many of the workshops target personal growth and well-being and are designed to develop student and spouses now and for their future endeavors.