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Personal and professional development are objectives for both students and student spouses, with educational options, wellness and fitness resources and guidance, and a cohort of colleagues to make the journey rewarding on many levels.

Spouses create their own Carlisle experience through new friendships, official activities, seminar events for students & spouses, self-development classes, "Conversation & Culture" with international spouses, the Spouses Club's interest groups, Fitness Centers, Chapel activities, and personal pursuits.

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Assignment at Carlisle Barracks is like facing a long hall of open doors. Whether you're an athlete, a thespian, an outdoorsman, a scholar or historian .... Being HERE opens doors to school-based activities, to adventures and experiences sponsored by on-post agencies, like Outdoor Rec, the Chapel Youth, Youth Services and the post's Fitness Campus, and to a wide range of sports facilities, college and semi-pro teams, concerts, amusement parks and more -- within about an hour drive.

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Families with Children

"Family-friendly" is more than a bumper sticker at Carlisle Barracks. Learn about the wide selection of family activities, a wealth of school information and the programs of the Carlisle Barracks School Liaison Officer, and "Uniquely Carlisle" experiences.