Your housing choices On-base or off, a host of options are available in this college town that sees significant turn-over each summer.

The Army Housing Office staff is your first point of contact for all things related to housing – unbiased information to help you make an informed decision about both on-base housing and off-base rentals.

Visit the Army Housing Office in Shughart Hall, 460 Sumner Road, Carlisle 17013 Phone: 717.245.4959/717.245.3322 (DSN is 242)) Email: usarmy.carlisle.imcom-atlantic.mbx.imne-clb-pwh@mail.mil Learn more: https://home.army.mil/carlisle/index.php/Carlisle-Barracks/all-services/hso

Army Housing guidance for off-base housing

Service members are required to report to the Army Housing Office before making arrangements to rent lease, or purchase off-post housing. Service members are advised not to send monetary deposits for housing prior to contacting AHO.

Commuting time is minimal even when you choose off-base housing. A critical point for families, however, is to know which school district you'll be in. Don't assume; school district boundaries don’t match county or borough boundaries. Find the school district for a specific address at this interactive site: http://munstats.pa.gov/Public/FindMunicipality.aspx Note: the 'S.D.' (school district) name appears below the header called "Municipal Tax Rate Summary."

Information about a wide range of regional rentals (furnished and unfurnished) is available at the Army Housing Office. There are many rental options within a short drive of Carlisle Barracks, and some within walking distance. Check online listing services:

  • Homes.mil
  • AHRN.com

On-base living

For on-base family homes, the AHO provides oversight of the residential community, Balfour Communities. AHO makes certain all processes and procedures are in place and functioning to ensure compliance with the project's legal documents. The Army Housing Office can advise you on the Resident Bill of Rights.

There are 152 student family homes on Carlisle Barracks that are managed by Balfour Beatty Communities. BBC follows Army policy for assignment to Carlisle Barracks Homes, below. BBC homes at Carlisle Barracks was a 2018 Resident Satisfaction Award Winner.

Visit the Carlisle Barracks Homes office in the Delaney Center, 451 Fletcher Rd, Carlisle PA 17013 – weekdays 8 am to 5 pm and Wed to 7 pm; Sat 10-4 pm; Sun noon to 4 pm.

SEE: www.carlislebarrackshomes.com

Phone: 717.243.7177

Student on-base neighborhoods make it easy for collegial get-togethers, children's friendships, and walking access to the College and post services. Learn more about student homes on base that are managed by Balfour Communities: www.carlislebarrackshomes.com– e.g., the Delaney Neighborhood Center, floor plans, photos, policies in these student neighborhoods.

  • The Meadows
  • Heritage Heights
  • Young Hall
  • Forbes Avenue

For on-base families, contact the Carlisle Area School District to check which particular CASD school is aligned with your assigned address.

AY 2016 student

Of greatest importance ... is the housing process, and that went very well

Insider Tips --

  • On-base housing application must be completed in the Online Inprocessing Portal. April 10 is the housing application deadline for consideration in the first set of assignments. After April 10, housing applications will be reviewed in order of arrival, following Army policy for assignment priority, below. Balfour Communities expects to complete military assignments in early May. Assignment offers can then be made to civilian students.
    1. military members (US and international) who are accompanied by family;
    2. unaccompanied US and international military members: geo-bachelors;
    3. civilian students.
  • Incoming students can indicate your interest in sharing occupancy, e.g., geo-bachelors, when you apply for on-base housing in Online Inprocessing before April 10.
  • Balfour Communities has a limited number of homes with fenced yards. Identify requirement for EFMP and other accommodation when applying for on-base housing.
  • For on-base housing, residents provide their own fire extinguisher and microwave oven.
  • Considering off-base housing? Find BAH (housing) rates at https://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/Docs/perdiem/browse/Allowances/BAH/PDF/2020/2020-With-Dependents-BAH-Rates.pdf
  • In Aug 2018, The Sentinel Carlisle newspaper published a laydown of public school districts in Cumberland County: https://cumberlink.com/public-school-districts-in-cumberland-county/article_34524aea-8598-5d69-9735-2cd4fc7d6c75.html
  • Homes in Heritage Heights and the Meadows were newly constructed between 2009 - 2014 and have two car garages, central air conditioning, open floor plans, solid surface flooring on the first floor, master suites, two and 1/2 bathrooms, wide hallways, a covered porch, and storage. BBC has several homes that have been built to Uniform Accessibility Standards. These homes were constructed to be either accessible or readily modifiable. Applicants with specific requirements for a UFAS home should contact the BBC Community Management Office for details.
  • Historic Young Hall homes were beautifully renovated in 2006 into 26 single level homes with central air conditioning, open floor plans, two full baths, a fully modernized kitchen, and storage areas. The exterior porches/balconies, inviting lobbies and elevators are part of the convenience and character.
  • All on-base homes are pet friendly for no more than 2 pets per household. A list of restricted pets is available at http://www.carlislebarrackshomes.com BBC charges a non-refundable pet fee in the amount of $150.00 per pet, and the fee is due upon move in.
  • Delaney Field Clubhouse features for residents include an Internet Cafe, kid's room, conference room, kitchen, and community room. Both the community room and the kitchen may be rented by BBC residents for private events.

State of the Art Youth Center on post

just one part of our award-winning youth programs

The Sgt. Andrew McConnell Youth Center is a recently-built facility designed with recommendations by former Youth Services members -- a demonstration kitchen for cooking classes; a gym with a sport court that can be used, interchangeably, for roller-skating, roller hockey, and basketball. The Youth Center is on Bouquet Road, in the Family Section of post: YS, CDC, sports fields and Delaney Club House.

The Moore Child Development Center, at 455 Fletcher Drive, is fully accredited by multiple authorities to offer care for children, 6-weeks through pre-school age, as well as part-day programs for kindergartners. Hourly care programs are available and ready to help relieve some of the stress when trying to juggle the family calendar. The CDC may be open to registered Families during some of the after-hour student social events.


On-post Health Care

Dunham U.S. Army Health Clinic is a member of the TRICARE Northeast Region and the Walter Reed Health Care System, which partners with HealthNet to provide care.

Dunham is a non-emergency clinic that offers family medicine, pediatrics, optometry, social work and behavioral health, occupational health, and industrial hygiene services. In addition, Dunham offers immunization, laboratory, radiology, and pharmacy support. A Soldier medical readiness center, which includes travel medicine information, is a recent addition to the offerings.


Schedule appointments by calling the clinic information line at 717-245-3400 or toll free at 1-877-787-2569. Follow the prompts to reach the Appointments Section. OR, schedule appointments online at www.tricareonline.com – Appointments – Visit Reason – View Available Appointments.

The Appointments Section schedules appointments for family medicine, pediatrics, immunizations, optometry, mammography, and gynecology. The Clinic has specialty providers on a limited basis. All appointments with specialty providers require a referral from the patient's PCM. Once a referral is acquired, the Appointments Section will schedule the appointments for specialists located at the Clinic.

School, work physicals

School, sports, work, child care and drivers' license physicals all require a scheduled visit.

All children (including family members of AWC student) entering 1st, 6th, and 11th grades must have a physical. During the week of centralized in processing, students will be provided a flyer with the dates set aside for youth physicals, information about necessary documents required at the time of the appointment and the procedure for scheduling physical exam appointments. Questions can be directed to the Dunham Community Health Nurse at 717-961-2009.

If a child is participating in any sport, it will be necessary to bring a separate form for sports physicals. Drivers' license physical forms can be found in the driver’s training booklet. This form must be signed by the applicant in the presence of the provider conducting the physical. If another physical is required within 3 - 6 months and has been done at Dunham, it will only be necessary to bring in the form and leave the information with the primary care manager for 48 hours, then pick up the form at Outpatient Records or leave info for mailing/faxing of the form.

More information on Dunham can be found at https://www.facebook.com/DUSAHC/Army Wellness Center

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Senior Leader Sustainment program - The program provide health promotion services and education tailored to meet individual student needs. Working with primary care managers, the staff offers advice on preventive care based on a patient's environmental and genetic risk factors to develop comprehensive care plans, and wellness centers will help patients make healthy lifestyle decisions by providing access to resources through state-of-the-art fitness testing, healthy nutrition advice, stress reduction using biofeedback, fitness programs and health education.

Army Wellness Center

Carlisle Barracks is also home to an Army Wellness Center. Army Wellness Centers complement care of primary care physicians at installation medical treatment facilities, according to the U.S. Army Public Health Command. The centers provide health promotion services and education tailored to meet individual patient needs. Army Wellness Center programs and services are available to all Army personnel. This includes active-duty soldiers and retirees, their family members, DoD civilians, and Reserve/National Guard components.

For more information call (717) 245-4004.


Full-Service Campus Life

An Army post that honors its military tradition, Carlisle Barracks has the beauty, charm and convenience of a college campus. The small post features the chapel; a retail area (Commissary, Exchange/ Class VI, Exchange vendors like laundry/dry cleaners, more); a youth area (anchored by the Delaney Clubhouse on one end, the new McConnell Youth Center on the other, with the Moore Child Development Center and youth sports field in between); the medical/dental 'corner;' a campus-wide set of fitness opportunities; and recreational venues scattered throughout the post and adjoining (bowling, golf, movie theater, and LVCC's Pershing's Tavern, Tiki Bar, dance classes, etc).


Carlisle Fitness Campus


During your first few weeks

there are special events planned just for you

Child Development Center Programs, School-age programs, Youth Sports, Youth Center - all co-located in the Family-Centric area of post... a walk away. [See Families Section] for details.