International Fellows Staff


COL Frank P. Intini, III
International Fellows Program (IFP) Director, G9
Office No. (717) 245-4830, Cell No. (717) 462-2653, Room A204

Mr. Kevin D. Bremer
IFP Deputy Director, Chief International Student Management Office (IMSO)
Office No. (717) 245-3373, Cell No. (717) 226-4073, Room A208

Mr. Jeremy P. Beussink
IF Writing Instructor, Academics
Office No. (717) 245-3375, Cell No. (717) 462-2654, Room B19

Mr. Emilio Montañez Rivera
Administrative & Finance Officer
Office No. (717) 245-3371, Cell No. (717) 226-4077, Room A206

Mrs. Jennifer L. Macklin
Administrative Assistant
Office No. (717) 245-4732, Room A206

Mrs. Terra A. Good
Operations Officer, Field Study Program Coordinator
Office No. (717) 245-3785, Cell No. (717) 226-3977, Room B202

Mrs. Lucinda K. Bishop
Operations Assistant
Office No. (717) 245-4829, Cell No. (717) 585-2745, Room B202

Mrs. Gretchen E. Morrison
Student Affairs Specialist
Office No. (717) 245-3374, Cell No. (717) 713-0624, Room A203

Mrs. Ashlea R. Cordell-Lowe
Conversation and Culture, Sponsor Program Coordinator
Office No. (717) 245-3937, Cell No. (717) 385-4128, Room A206

Mrs. Carolyn A. Kolva
IF Office Manager
Office No. (717) 245-4830, Room A208

IF Program FAX:
Commercial.....(717) 245-4617

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