IF Sponsorship Program


The United States Army War College has a robust Sponsorship program consisting of over 100 civilian and military volunteers. Sponsors are ready to assist International Fellows (IF) and family members during the transition to Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Sponsors provide advice and unique viewpoints on everyday life, living in the United States. Sponsors assist our international guests to better understand the US culture and American customs, while building everlasting friendships.

The United States Army War College strives to provide all International Fellows and family members the best possible experience at Carlisle Barracks. We heavily rely on the volunteerism of our Sponsors to assist our international guests during the first few weeks in country. Sponsors are unpaid volunteers, passionate in helping others and interested in international relations.

Do you enjoy meeting new people and have interest in learning about different cultures? Do you wish to make a difference in the lives of others through volunteering? Become a volunteer with the Sponsorship Program! The International Fellows' Sponsorship Program is a key part of the Army War College's efforts to assist our international guests as they transition to life in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Your participation in this program will have a lasting impact on someone's life, as well as their views of America. Sponsors work in conjunction with the International Fellows Office to assist in administrative and logistical challenges, they may face. Sponsors assist our international guests in understanding US culture and customs, as they become integrated into the community. We hope through the Sponsorship Program, participants will share a broader spectrum of American way of life. Sponsorship is a team effort based on cooperation and need. Sponsoring an International Fellow is a wonderful opportunity and truly a fulfilling experience for the entire family!

To Sponsor an International Fellow in the incoming class, please complete the Sponsor Application, by clicking HERE

To view the duties and expectations of Sponsors, please review the Sponsorship Directive. Please click Directive

For any questions concerning sponsorship, please contact Jessica King, jessica.b.king5.civ@army.mil (717) 245-3937 or 717-385-4128