Conversation and Culture Program

Conversation and Culture (C&C) is an educational and social program for the Spouses of the USAWC International Fellows. This program is designed to help participates integrate into Central Pennsylvania, learn more about American cultures and customs, by visiting nearby landmarks, businesses, historical sites, and establishments. By joining the program, participants gain and understanding about other International Spouse’s values and beliefs through country presentations.

The C&C program is funded 100% through private corporate donations and executed by volunteers. Volunteers are appointed through the Sponsorship Program

Other educational opportunities are English as a Second Language Courses and the Dickinson Cooperative Scholarship.

The Conversation and Culture Program provides ESL classes for our International Spouses for a small cost. We provide certified ESL teachers and courses offered at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, based on the need of the current class. Each participant will be evaluated and placed with those with similar English levels. The course is focused on basic English language concepts such as vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, conversation and comprehension.
A total of 40 hours of instruction, 2 days a week for 2.5 hours a day beginning in the month of August. To receive a certificate of completion, students must pass the course with a minimum of 70% and complete the final Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems. (CASAS exam)
The International Fellows Program has a cooperative scholarship with Dickinson College. The scholarship allows International Spouses to take one course per semester free of tuition
Please view Dickinson's website for more information.
POC: Ashlea Lowe,