Alumni Connections

GlobalNET represents a network of organizations and their representative members who are working to foster national and international collaboration as well as to maintain relationships, and strengthen partner capacity. The Army War College International Fellows Program is dedicated to fostering long-term relationships with our graduates.

To stay connected with the AWC International Fellows program, please click on the link below and request membership: Click on Request An Account located under Username.

Alumni Outreach

The International Program Staff Outreach Coordinators are regionally aligned and dedicated to BUILDING a stronger community, MAINTAINING relationships and PARTNERING with U.S. Security Cooperation stakeholders around the world.

Nurturing a network of alumni who continue to serve, both in an out of uniform, fosters a community of strategic leaders that transcends international boundaries. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing,

COL Brian J. Henderson
International Fellows Program Director
Office No. (717) 245-4830, Cell No. (717) 713-0566

Kevin Bremer
IFP Deputy Director, Chief ISMO
Office No. (717) 245-3373, Cell No. (717) 226-4073

Jeremy Beussink
Writing Instructor, Academic Prep Course Director
Office No. (717) 245-3375, Cell No. (717) 462-2654

Emilio Montañez Rivera
Administrative Officer
Office No. (717) 245-3371, Cell No. (717) 226-4077

Gina Shull
Financial Assistant
Office No. (717) 245-4732

Program Assistant
Office No. (717) 245-1782

John Winegardner
Plans and Operations Officer, Field Studies Program
Office No. (717) 245-3785, Cell No. (717) 226-3977

Tiffany Jones
Plans and Operations Assistant, Field Studies Program
Office No. (717) 245-1782

Student Affairs Specialist
Office No. (717) 245-3374

Sponsor and Culture Coordinator
Office No. (717) 245-3937

Carolyn Kolva
Office Manager Office No. (717) 245-4830