NOW OPEN: April 20, April 27 and May 5 vaccine appointments for all TRICARE beneficiaries, DoD employees

By Public Affairs Office    16 April 2021

NOW OPEN: April 20, April 27 and May 5 vaccine appointments for all TRICARE beneficiaries, DoD employees.

April 16, 2021 -- COVID Vaccine appointments NOW available for ALL TRICARE beneficiaries and regional DoD employees.

Make your appointment now -- for vaccine clinics April 20, April 27, May 5 -- at the Army Heritage Center AHEC, at 950 Soldiers Drive, Carlisle 17013.

MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT AT -- COVID Appointment App ( for one of these clinics (subject to continued supply).

  • Tues, April 20
  • Tues, April 27
  • Wed, May 5

If you are having trouble with the online scheduler, call the clinic appointments line at 717.245.3400.

IS THIS SAFE? Millions have received the Moderna COVID vaccine that Dunham is administering -- takes two doses -- authorized for those 18-and-older.

SEE "Real Talk about COVID Vaccine" video, linked on this page -- Community members talk with Dunham Health Clinic doc, chief nurse and administrator about, vaccine safety, special health considerations, side effects, vaccine rollout about USAWC student families and the regional TRICARE population.

SEE: CDC Vaccine Safety Monitoring site, in links below.

Facts about the Moderna vaccine

  • One cannot get COVID-19 from the vaccine because there is no live virus in the vaccine.
  • At the vaccination site, vaccinated individuals will be monitored on site before receiving a vaccine card. In a small percentage of vaccinations, individuals have experienced allergic reaction; a physician will be monitoring and respond if necessary.
  • Vaccines fight disease by producing an immune response within the body. Sometimes, that means flu-like symptoms, such as aches, headache and fever. This is normal and a sign that your body is creating antibodies to protect you from COVID-19.
  • Short-term side effects include injection site reactions and general side effects.
  • The medical literature notes that there is a remote chance that the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine could cause a severe allergic reaction. To mitigate the chances of a severe allergic reaction, be honest with the medical personnel administering the vaccine about the following—
  • "If they mark ‘yes’ that does not mean they cannot receive the vaccine," said Lt. Col. Marie Carmona, Deputy Commander for Nursing, Dunham U.S. Army Health Clinic. "If they want to speak to a provider concerning the risk and benefits of the vaccine in relationship to their specific medical condition, I encourage them to reach out to their PCM or there will be a provider on site when the vaccine is offered."
  • Emergency Use Authorization (EAU) - COVID-19 Vaccines authorized for emergency use are offered on a voluntary basis. Priority populations are highly encouraged to receive the vaccine.
  • Some ask about receiving the first-available vaccine when there are several other vaccines still in trials. In response: People who are offered the first-available vaccine are considered to be in groups most in need of COVID-19 protection. Release of other vaccine cannot be fully predicted, so people who are offered the first-available vaccine are encouraged to receive this vaccine.
  • Even if you are vaccinated, there is a chance that you could contract COVID-19 from another person, but the vaccine has shown that your symptoms are less severe.
  • DoD guidance during the vaccination roll-out will continue. Wear masks, physically distance, wash hands, and restrict movement to protect safety. A large portion of the population will need to be vaccinated before COVID-19 risks diminish.
  • Moderna is a two-dose shot. If you receive Moderna as your first dose, you must receive Moderna for your second, 24-32 days after the first.
  • The Moderna vaccination was approved by the Federal Drug Administration, FDA, for emergency use, acknowledging the COVID-19 environment as an emergency.
  • When formally licensed by the FDA, COVID-19 vaccines may be required for military personnel or for personnel in specific fields, as is the case for the influence vaccine.