100 percent completed -- Contacting Dunham Pharmacy patients

By Public Affairs Office    02 December 2020

Dunham Army Health Clinic serves TRICARE beneficiaries -- active duty and retired servicemembers -- in the central Pennsylvania region.

UPDATE to Commandant Sends #9 - URGENT message for community

100 percent of patients have been contacted, according to the Dunham Army Health Clinic, in response to an urgent need to contact all patients about possible mixed medications for prescriptions filled Nov. 9 - 16.

At the point of the Commandant's Urgent Message, on Nov. 25, the clinic had made positive contact with about 2/3 of the patients potentially affected, leaving 103 pending call backs from phone messages and 64 for whom phone contact had failed. Community-wide effort raised visibility of the clinic efforts to contact Pharmacy patients by broadcast news media, social media, outreach by the Carlisle Barracks Retirement Services Office. Continued efforts by Dunham achieved full contact.

No pharmacy patient has reported a medical concern related to prescriptions. Of all the prescriptions under review, less than a handful of patients found mixed medications -- and those amounted to no more than a handful of mis-dispensed medications. The pharmacy is committed to review safety protocols to maintain its priority on patient health.

Dunham Clinic and its pharmacy serve TRICARE beneficiaries. You can update your address and/or phone number on your DEERS, the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System for TRICARE. Go to milConnect (see link on this page). Select "Update and and View My Profile" Review or make changes on your Personal Information tab, then scroll to the bottom and 'Submit' to make sure your updates are registered in DEERS.

Note: now that the contact effort is completed, the clinic will no longer man this temporary hotline.

Original message, as of November 25, 2020 --

VIEW VIDEO MESSAGE ABOUT THE PHARMACY OUTREACH EFFORTS (linked here) by Maj. Gen Steve Maranian, Carlisle Barracks Senior Commander, and Col. Tracy Michael, Fort Meade MEDDAC commander.

Commandant SENDS #9 - URGENT message for community


If you received a prescription from the Dunham Health Clinic between 9-16 November and have not spoken with a medical care provider about your prescription, we need you to call 717-525-2865 ASAP.

The machine that dispenses non-controlled medications at the Dunham Clinic malfunctioned and there is a small (<2% chance) that personnel who received a prescription may have had a small number of erroneous pills mixed in with their prescription. None of these were narcotics or controlled substances.

The machine part has been fixed and the clinic has reached out to all personnel affected, the majority of whom have made direct contact with Dunham. However after multiple means of attempting contact, there is still a population of 103 personnel who have not returned a message, and 64 for whom no or incorrect contact information was provided (as of Nov. 25*)

We are reaching out via websites, social media, and by actively engaging the media to reach 100% of those personnel that may have been affected. While the math tells us that we are looking for only one or two people (based on the % of those we have positive contact with), even one person not reached is too many, and we will continue to exhaust all means available until we achieve our objective.

Again, if you or someone you know has received medication from Dunham Clinic pharmacy between 9-16 November and haven't yet been in contact with the clinic, please call 717-525-2865 as soon as possible. The number is manned and will be 24/7.


MG Stephen J. Maranian
Commandant, U.S. Army War College
& Vice Chancellor, Army University