Army War College to sign Women, Peace & Security Charter

By Public Affair Office    27 October 2020

US Army War College leadership will gather to sign the WPS charter; introduce the Women, Peace and Security concepts; and briefly review history of developments since the UN passed the WPS resolution.

Twenty years ago, on October 31, 2000, the United Nations Security Council passed the landmark UNSC Resolution 1325 which recognized women’s essential contributions to preventing and resolving conflict, and building peace , while acknowledging different adverse effects of armed conflict on women and children. UNSCR 1325 affirmed the importance of considering the equal participation of women in all efforts within the security environment and the peacebuilding process, including their essential inclusive role in decision-making. And, the U.S. Women, Peace and Security Act was passed in 2017, directing meaningful participation and protection of women, globally – with responsibilities delegated to DoD as well as DoS, USAID and DHS.

This week, on 30 October at 10 a.m., the Provost and WPS director will sign the USAWC Charter on Women, Peace and Security. The short outdoor ceremony will take place at the Lady Liberty statue. Inclement weather location is Bliss Hall foyer.

The statue, a gift of the USAWC Resident Class of 2018, not only commemorates the sacrifices of World War I, but stands as a representation of interwoven themes of war and peace, strength and humanity.

The Women, Peace and Security charter of the USAWC represents the school’s acknowledgement that preparation of strategic-minded leaders includes integration of WPS themes and resources in the curriculum, e.g., a resource in the Campaign Planning Handbook.

New: WPS resources are accessible and searchable on the new WPS online site:

Maj. Gen. Steven Maranian Commandant of the Army War College and CSM Brian Flom stand with the signed charter for Women, Peace and Security with Col. Veronica Oswald-Hrutkay and Col. Bess Pierce, and Provost James Breckenridge.