Opening for Veterans Day: Operation Desert Storm exhibit at Army Heritage and Education Center

By Multiple sources    29 October 2020

painting my a unknown soldier during Operation Desert Storm

The Army Heritage and Education Center will open its new exhibit “This Will Not Stand: The U.S. Army’s Road to Victory during the Persian Gulf War” Tuesday, November 10, 2020. The exhibit will tell the history of the Persian Gulf War through the stories of the Soldiers that served during that time and the historical collections. USAHEC will be open Veterans Day, November 11.

Conservators have selected from among AHEC’s vast amount of artifacts from Operation Desert Storm to create a vivid depiction of the events of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

The display includes, for example, a map from the 7th Transportation Group's Dammam Headquarters, Saudi Arabia. The map was created by attaching four maps together with a plastic overlay. Red and Blue tape was then used to mark out both the massive logistics effort of the 7th Transportation Group and the unit movements of Operation Desert Storm.

The display captures the scope of the complex military operations, and personal context. The display includes images provided by Lt. Col. Ken Knight, who commanded the 3rd Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery during its deployment to Desert Storm. As an example, scenes of B Battery encampment near the unit's Tactical Operation Center and of the 3/82 Field Artillery arriving in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia during the massive build-up phase.

On 2 August 1990, Iraq invaded its neighbor Kuwait with four elite Republican Guard heavy divisions and the equivalent of a fifth composed of special operations commandos. Five days later on 7 August came the military response named Operation Desert Shield. A coalition of 35 nations coordinated efforts to defend Saudi Arabia and ultimately liberate Kuwait. The XVIII Airborne Corps, first moved to Saudi Arabia, beginning a buildup of combat power in the region reaching at its peak about 600,000 U.S. personnel.