Army War College class of 2019 dedicates its plaque in a ceremony

By Robert Martin, PAO    12 October 2020

Col. Jeff Settle, the Associate Provost (left) and Col. Tony Verenna, director of JLASS (right), both 2019 graduates of USAWC, unveiled the class plaque at a ceremony on Oct. 9.

The names of the class of 2019 joined the long line of graduates on Oct 11, 2020, as the Army War College dedicated their class plaque. The plaque represents the resident, distance classes, and senior service college fellows that attend colleges throughout the country.

Col. Tony Verenna, director of JLASS and strategic wargaming, and Col. Jeff Settle, the Associate Provost both from the War College, represented the resident and distance education class of 2019 along with 15 other classmates that made the trip to Root Hall for the dedication.

“This plaque, at one time, was just a slab of bronze. A blank page,” said Settle. “Now the names of the class of 2019 are forged on it. What story is it going to tell? Stories of duty? Stories of honor? Stories of courage? Stories of country?”

“Our class accepts this challenge. This challenge, forged in bronze, to make it count. Our names on here may be the result of a singular accomplishment—graduation—but the challenge . . . our challenge . . . is to remain worthy of the ideals of this institution, the United States Army and all Services, and the United States of America.

“I represent the resident AY19 seminars,” said Venerra. “With interesting names like “Third to None, Super Seven, Well Above Average, Niner Nation, Snake Eyes . . . just to name a few who were made up of 223 Army, 26 Air Force, 9 Navy, 16 Marine Corps, 1 Coast Guard officer, 28 senior civilians representing multiple federal agencies.”

“One of the best parts of the year was the relationships we all developed with our 76 international fellow partners who each one us would be proud to serve alongside. There were true bonds made throughout the ten months and now our bond is honored with our names engraved on this plaque as we become a permanent part of this tremendous institution and the incredible men and women who have roamed these halls,” he said.

Graduates of the USAWC Class of 2019 celebrated pride in the class plaque.


Ceremony Video