Voting? Watch the calendar -- Guidance for military and Pennsylvania voters

By Public Affairs Office    04 October 2020

Learn your state's rules and deadlines for absentee military voting.

Ten days for Pa. citizens to register to vote in the November 3 election -- no later than Monday Oct 19.

New York and North Carolina’s date is Friday, Oct. 9 and Washington State’s Oct 16. North Dakota does not require voter registration, and Vermont allows you to register as late as election day, Nov. 3.

Military citizens can vote wherever you are. Don’t let the wide range of dates and guidance keep you from voting.

How about your state?

The Federal Voting Assistance Program lays out state by state guidelines and election guidelines – and even, the status of your voted ballot. The site supports military members and military spouse and families. See link in the right-hand menu.

Not registered as a PA voter yet? You have until Oct 19. A single website accepts voter registration and mail-in ballot request. See the official link to the right of this article.

Pennsylvania residents can vote in person, or request a mail-in ballot without an excuse. Requests for mail-in ballot must be received by Oct. 27. Ballots must be postmarked by 8 pm, Nov 3 or returned to a county election office by 8 pm that day.