Carlisle Barracks’ pedestrian smart gate open for use

By Curt Keester    30 January 2020

Individuals wishing to use Carlisle Barracks' new enhanced security pedestrian smart gate located at the entrance to post on Ashburn Dr. can begin registering their I.D. cards at the Visitor Center starting today, Jan. 29, 2020.

CARLISLE BARRACKS, Pa. (Jan. 29, 2020) – Carlisle Barracks' new enhanced security pedestrian smart gate located at the entrance to post on Ashburn Dr. is ready for use. Individuals wishing to use the gate will need to register their I.D. cards at the Visitor Center.

To use the new pedestrian gate, users must first register at the Visitor Center located near Claremont Gate in Building 870 on Jim Thorpe Rd. Users will need unescorted access to post and an I.D. card to register and use the gate.

The registration process takes approximately ten minutes. Visitor Center staff will take a photo and scan fingerprints of both the left and right index fingers. Once registration is complete, new users can begin using the fully operational gate.

Users can only access or exit the pedestrian gate successfully through one door at a time. If a user is unable to enter the installation for any reason, an exit button allows them to quickly exit back onto the unsecured side of the gate.

Users cannot become trapped inside the gate.

Any person can exit the Barracks using the pedestrian gate. No I.D. card is required. Press the exit button, enter the gate, and follow the automated voice. Commands will instruct users to leave the booth, press the exit button inside the gate, and exit to the unsecured side of the installation.

The pedestrian gate is designed for single person use. Individuals with bicycles, strollers, or trusted travelers can request assistance for access through an intercom system located inside the booth.

The Watch Commander at the Carlisle Barracks Police desk can handle any issues in real-time. Users can press a button inside the booth and speak directly to the Watch Commander, who has a live video feed and can remotely allow access.

A panel of lights on the exterior clearly shows if the gate is ready for use. Green lights show when the gate is ready for use and when to enter, an orange light indicates users should wait the gate is in use, and red lights direct users to try again or that the entrance is out of use.

When the gate is ready, individuals should approach the entrance and scan their registered I.D. card with the barcode facing up and toward the gate. The enter light will turn green, and the individual may open the door and enter the gate. Once inside, users should follow the instructions of the automated voice.

The automated voice will direct users to proceed to the fingerprint scanner, located on the left side of the booth, and to place their index finger on the scanner for processing. Once the automated system validates the fingerprint, the gate will grant access, and the individual can enter Carlisle Barracks.