Army War College, Pennsylvania salute US Marines: Soldiers of the Sea

By Public Affairs Office    08 November 2019

A U.S. Marine reads Marine Corps Orders No. 47, issued by USMC Commandant Maj.Gen. John A. LeJeune on Nov. 1, 1921, declaring that in memory of the thousands of Marines who had served since its origin on Nov. 10, 1775, "it is fitting that we who are

The Marine Corps' 244th anniversary was cause for celebration, speeches, cakes, and formal recognition in events across the USA, in Pennsylvania, and among the joint and international officers of the Army War College Class of 2020.

Marine Col. Siebrand Niewenhous, senior Marine in the USAWC class, led the ceremony.

Retired Marine Col. GK Cunningham appreciated Niewenhous's words and the traditions incorporated into the ceremony, to include the reading of Marine Corps Orders No. 47.

Today, we talked about the long and illustrious history of the U.S. Marine Corps and the fact that we are Soldiers of the Sea, said Cunningham. "The ceremony was a reflection of the pride and camaraderie that animates the Marine Corps to this day," he said.

Pennsylvania issues a resolution

On November 10, 1775, the Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia and passed a resolution calling for two battalions of Marines to be raised for service as landing forces with the fleet. That resolution established the Continental Marines and marked the birth date of the U.S. Marine Corps.

"Since its first amphibious raid on March 3, 1776 ... during World War where the Battle of Belleau Wood established their reputatio for toughness and fierceness ... during the liberation of the Pacific Islands during World War II ... when the Marine Corps and Navy launched the massive amphibious attack at Inchon ... during major offensives of the Vietnam War ... the liberation of Kuwait and the defeat of Iraqi forces in OPERATION DESERT STORM ... and through continuously significant contributions to the war on terrorism as part of OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM in Afghanistan and OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM IN Iraq -- Marines embody the motto of the Corps, Semper Fidelis -- Always Faithful." In these words, in a resolution of the Pennsylvania Legislature, the Commonwealth formally recognized November 10, 2019, as Marine Corps Day in Pennsylvania. The resolution was introduced by Pennsylvania Sen. Doug Mastriano, retired Army Colonel.

Marine Col. Joseph Allena, Marine Advisor to the USAWC Commandant, (left) and retired Marine Col. G. K. Cunningham, USAWC Faculty Instructor, (right) flank Pa. Sen. Doug Mastriano and retired Army Col. Deb Hanagan, marking the Pa. USMC resolution.
US Marine Corps officers gather for the USMC anniversary: celebrating with colleagues, honoring history, and leaning into a future in US service. Marines in the resident education class number 17. The student body of the Army War College distance edu
Senior Marine officer, Col. Siebrand Niewenhous, whose uniform includes the Mameluke Sword, addresses Marine Corps history of service and camaraderie with the students, staff and faculty of the US Army War College in Bliss Hall, Nov. 10, in honor of