Army War College honors distance class writing award winners

By Robert Martin    25 July 2019

Writing award winners from left to right, Army Reserve Lt. Col. Rex A. Eiserer, Army Col. Robert A. Gleckler and Army Lt. Col. James K. Perrin not shown is Army Col. Joseph L. Leardi

July 25, 2019 – Army War College honors four distance class graduates that will be recognized for their award-winning research papers during the distance class graduation ceremony here July 26.

The Commandant’s Award for Distinction in Research

Focus: Contemporary strategic challenges facing the military

Army Lt. Col. James K. Perrin, Jr. for “Land Power Modernization in an Era of Change”

Mentor: Prof. Robert S. Hume, Department of Distance Education

AWC Foundation Award for Outstanding Strategy Research Paper

Army Col Robert A. Gleckler for “Pragmatism or Paranoia: United States Approach to European Defense Institutions”

Mentor: Prof. Dr. Joel R. Hillison, Department of National Security Studies

Army Col. Joseph L. Leardi for “United States Army Foreign Police Assistance”

Mentor: Prof. Col. Jared I. Harper, Department of Distance Education

Thomas J. Plewes Reserve Component Research or Writing Award

Focus: National Military Strategy

Army Rerserv Lt. Col. Rex A. Eiserer for “A Proposed Risk Framework for Army Modernization”

Mentor: Prof. Frederick J. Gellert, Department of Command, Leadership, and Management

The AWC Foundation Lifetime Membership Award

Army Reserve Col. Warren R. Wood

Not only do the papers have to be 5000 to 6000 exceptionally well written words, they must also offer new insights at the strategic level. Make a clear contribution to the knowledge of the subject and advance or show a fresh insight to relationships.