Army Reserve history exhibited at Army Heritage and Education Center

By Public Affairs Staff    22 July 2019

Stephen D. Austin, Assistant Chief of Army Reserve, visited the Army Reserve exhibit while learning about educational opportunities with the Army Archives Digitization Program, and AHEC's Historical Analysis products for Army Senior Leaders.

The Assistant Chief of Army Reserve shares much in common with the Distance Class of 2019, now in its final resident phase at Carlisle Barracks.The Army Heritage and Education Center is a magnet for those who wish to understand more about U.S. military history.

Assistant USAR Chief Stephen D. Austin was among the first to view AHEC's multi-media exhibit about the contributions of USAR Soldiers. "A Call to Arms" is a multi-media exhibit that educates and celebrates the role of the Army Reserve, from the use of military units, before the birth of the U.S. nation, to today's extensive roles for the Army Reserve. The history of the U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) is the story of people who rise to the service of their country in times of crisis and return to their hometown following its conclusion. The men and women of the USAR can look to their historical predecessors as examples of the selfless service and sacrifice required for the security of the United States.

More than 100 officers of the U.S. Army Reserve are soon to graduate from the two-year USAWC Distance Education Program. During the past two years, the students had opportunity to tap into the library and AHEC's research expertise, and attend the educational programming, such as the Perspectives in Military History Lectures and Kleber Readings.

The center's public education mission co-exists with its mission to support Army military history education. It's that mission that attracted the attention of Austin. In his recent visit to AHEC, he discussed collaboration opportunities with Director Geoff Mangelsdorf -- especially the educational opportunities that will be opened with the ongoing Army Archives Digital Program.

The US Army Heritage and Education Center is an integral part of the US Army War College, located at historic Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania.The Center is open to the public most days of the week.Learn more at

The U.S. Army Reserve exhibit at the Army Heritage and Education Center captures photos, artifacts and large scale graphics to take visitors on a journey through the story of Reserve Soldiers on whom the nation relies during crisis and critical opera
The history of the U.S. Army Reserve pre-dates the nation - and the Army Heritage and Education Center uses its materials and expertise to present a sense of immediacy and personal commitment in an accurate accounting of USAR contributions to the nat