Army War College graduates honored with writing, speaking, leadership awards

By Public Affairs Staff    08 June 2018

Provost Dr. James Breckenridge congratulates Army Lt. Col. Robert Croft while walking the bandstand stage at graduation, June 8. Croft was selected for 2nd place honors in the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 5000-word essay competition for his

Army War College graduates honored for writing and speaking were announced by Provost Dr. James Breckenridge, and recognized at today’s graduation ceremony for the USAWC Class of 2018.

Three Army War College students and fellows received top awards in the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff essay competitions hosted by NDU Press.

  • First-place honors went to Army Col. Michael P. Wagner, for his 1500-word strategic article, “Peacekeepers in the Donbas.”
  • Second place, in the 5000-word strategic research paper competition, was Army Lt. Col. Robert E. Croft, for “Understanding Uncertainty: Incorporating the Unknown into Military Estimates.”
  • Third in the 1500-word strategic article competition was Army Col. Sean C. McMahon, for “The Constitutional Divide between Covert Action and Traditional Military Action.” McMahon was a USAWC Fellow, this year, in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

With these three, above, 19 USAWC graduates were celebrated for excellence in communicating on significant issues of strategic thought, and for yearlong class leadership.

The Commandant’s Award for Distinction in Research was awarded to these:

  • Ms Janae E. Cooley, Department of State, for “Clausewitz’s ‘Small Wars’ and Russia Today: Strategic Lessons”
  • Mr. Ajit V. Joshi, US Agency for International Development, for “Warrior Pose: Building Readiness through Resilience – Yoga and Meditation”
  • Army Col. Matthew N. Olson, for “Deterrence and Reassurance in the Baltics: A Balanced Approach”
  • Mr. Matthew A. Rose, Defense Intelligence Agency, for “Commanding Spies”

The General Matthew B. Ridgway Research Award was earned by

  • Army Col. David M. Rozelle, for “Stumbling Toward Strategic Failure: Transitioning to Rotational Forces in Korea.”
  • Army Lt. Col. Clifford R. Gunst, for ‘The Banker’s Dilemma: Cryptocurrency and United States’ Financial Power”
  • Army Col. Terri J. Erisman, for “We Said, Xi Said: Moving to Partnership by Understanding China”
  • Air Force Lt. Col. Tyrell O. Mayfield, for “Towards an Indo-American Alliance”
  • Army Lt. Col. Ryan L. Worthan, for “Putin’s Russia: Deterrence Implications of a Hybrid State”

The Reserve Officers Association (ROA) Lieutenant General Thomas J. Plewes Research Award

Foreign Area Officer Association Research Award –

The Army War College Foundation Awards for Outstanding Strategy Research Paper

The Army War College Foundation MG Harold J. Greene Memorial Writing Award

  • Army Lt. Col. Jason L. Hester, for “The Impact of Army Culture on LandWarNet Operations”
  • Army Lt. Col. David M. Pidone, for “Making Sustainable Readiness Sustainable for the Army National Guard”
  • New Zealand Army Lt. Col. Rian G. McKinstry, for “New Zealand’s Geopolitics and its Security Challenge”
  • Army Lt. Col. Adam T. Dietrich, for “North Korea’s Ruling Party through an Orwellian Lens”
  • Army Lt. Col. Trenton J. Conner, for “Building Security: A New Strategy for Global Infrastructure Development”

The Association of the United States States Army AUSA Writing Award –

The AWC Foundation Colonel Jerry D. Cashion Memorial Writing Award

The Military Officers Association of America MOAA Writing Award

Carlisle Barracks and Cumberland Valley Association of the U.S. Army AUSA Award for Excellence in Public Speaking

  • Army Lt. Col. Bryan G. Kirk, for “Winning When the Character of War is Changing”
  • Army Col. Scott A. Mower, Class of 2018 President

The AWC Foundation Lifetime Alumni Membership Award

Faculty Project Advisors

USAWC teaching faculty and research faculty mentor the students’ strategy research projects and associated articles and monographs. These faculty advised the award-winning students: Dr. G. Alexandra Crowthers, Prof. Douglas Lovelace, Col. Robert Bradford, Prof. Vanya E. Bellinger, Dr. Jacqueline Whitt, Dr. Adrian Wolfberg, Dr. Genevieve Lester, Prof. Edward J. Filiberti, Col. Douglas W. Winton, Prof. Douglas G. Douds, Col Assad Samad, Col. Darrell Driver, Col. Douglas Orsi, Prof. Louis G. Yuengert, Prof. Richard Coplen.

Army Col. Sea McMahon stands at the bandstand before awards presentation. The USAWC Fellow at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence was awarded third place in the CJCS 1500-word essay competition for his paper on “The Constitutional Div
USAWC Dean of the School of Strategic Landpower, Dr. Richard Lacquement, congratulates new graduate Army Col. Jason Hester for his award-winning strategy research paper, The Impact of Army Culture on LandWarNet Operations.”
GEN Gus Perna, graduation speaker, congratulates Air Force Lt. Col. Ty Mayfield for his award-winning strategy research paper, “Towards an Indo-American Alliance.”
Commandant Maj. Gen. John Kem congratulates Army Col. David Rozelle whose strategy research was singled out for the General Matthew B. Ridgway Research Award. Rozelle produced, "Stumbling Toward Strategic Failure: Transitioning to Rotational Forces i