Faculty Awards honor scholarship, teaching, service

By Curt Keester    29 May 2018

Ellis Van Riper holds a sign of encouragement for her father Marine Col. Stephen Van Riper following the Faculty Awards Ceremony in Bliss Hall May 29.

CARLISLE, Pa. (May 29, 2018) – The Army War College honors members of the faculty and staff whose excellence in teaching, service to the Army and the Joint Force, and scholarship is considered exceptional.

The academic community gathered to offer awards, academic promotions, and academic chair honors to those faculty who model USAWC’s highest standards, in Bliss Hall, today.

“We are very proud of those who merit these awards, and I am honored to join the Commandant in presenting them,” said Dr. James Breckenridge, Army War College Provost. “On a personal level, as a new provost, I want to emphasize what a privilege it is to work with the outstanding teachers and scholars who comprise the Army War College faculty.

“Having worked in higher education for over two decades, at several institutions and in a variety of positions, I can say unequivocally, this faculty is exceptional in every respect.”

The college presented Excellence in Scholarship awards, named for Col. John J. Madigan, to Dr. Clayton Chun, Dr. John Deni, Dr. Michael Neiberg, Col. Matthew Shatzkin, Col. Peter Haas, Dr. Patrick Bratton, Prof. Charles Allen, Prof. Brett Weigle and Dr. Joel Hillison. The Excellence in Scholarship awards have encouraged and recognized writing on national security issues since the spring 1999, when the College named the annual writing award for the former publisher of Parameters Magazine.

Excellence in Teaching Awards were presented to Prof. Grace Stettenbauer, Col. Stephen Van Riper and Col. Robert Bradford. The Excellence in Teaching Award is given annually for exemplary teaching in the core curriculum. The college selects awardees on a combination of factors including peer review and student feedback.

Excellence in Service Awards recipients included Dr. John Bonin, Col. Ian Lyles, Prof. Fredrick Gellert, Col. Edward Kaplan, Dr. Paul Jussel, and Dr. Jacqueline Whitt. Service Awards are presented annually to faculty and staff who contributed at a noticeably higher level to benefit the War College, Army, Joint Force and Department of Defense.

“As professionals we always try to look inward and ask, ‘What else can we do to make the place better?’” said Commandant Maj. Gen. John Kem. “That’s when the faculty comes in because in many ways they really are the owners of the curriculum, they’re the owners of the research, they’re the owners of the service, all the parts that come together to make an institution great.”

Peers celebrated the academic promotion of Brent Bankus and Col. Stephen Van Riper to the academic rank of Assistant Professors; and Prof. Albert Lord, Dr. James Scudieri and Col. Edward Kaplan to the academic rank of Associate Professor.

The College presented Academic Chairs to Col. Douglas Bennett, Dr. Marybeth Ulrich and Dr. Jennifer Mittelstadt. Bennett was appointed the Gen. John J. Pershing Chair of Military Planning and Operations; Ulrich the Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor Chair of the Profession of Arms; and Mittelstadt, the Harold K. Johnson Chair of Military History ( as of August 2017). Academic Chairs honor faculty members who have contributed significantly to the college accomplishing its educational mission.

Madigan Awardees’ publications –

  • Dr. Clayton Chun, monograph, “Luzon 1945: The final liberation of the Philippines
  • Dr. John Deni, monograph, “NATO and Article 5: The Transatlantic Alliance and the 21st century challenges of collective defense
  • Dr. Michael Neiberg, monograph, “The Treaty of Versailles: A concise history
  • Col. Matthew Shatzkin, monograph, “Understanding the complexities of emergency supply chains
  • Col. Peter Haas, article, “Does it even work: A theoretical and practical evaluation of the War Powers Resolution
  • Dr. Patrick Bratton, article, “Coping with China? Indian security perceptions of a rising China
  • Prof. Charles Allen, article, “Civil-military relations in transitions: Behavior of senior military officers
  • Prof. Brett Weigle and Prof. Charles Allen, article, “Keeping David from Bathsheba: The four-star general’s staff as Nathan
  • Dr. Joel Hillison, article, “Fear, honor, and interest: Rethinking deterrence in a 21st-Century Europe