Cold weather here to stay, what you need to know to stay in the know

By Public Affairs Staff    04 January 2018

n case you haven't been outside all week, winter is officially here at Carlisle Barracks. Extended periods of low temperatures coupled with high winds have presented multiple challenges for the heating systems at Carlisle Barracks and caused delays and closures of local schools.

As winter continues and the cold weather remains, do you know what to do to find out the latest to changes in post operations?

The best place to check for all official post operations is the information line at 245-3700. Updated at least daily, this number always has the latest on post operations. You can also register for AtHoc, the posts official mass notification tool. Find out how at

Also check the USAWC Facebook page at and the Banner at

DPW plowing priorities

The main snow removal priorities for post are the main thoroughfares (Claremont Gate to Ashburn Gate) in order to facilitate emergency vehicles. After that, roads around Dunham Clinic, Root Hall, Collins Hall and the post retail areas are cleared. Housing and secondary roads, parking lots and the rest of post will be plowed.

Cold weather affecting post heating systems

The string of nearly sub-zero temperatures has caused heating systems in most buildings to run at maximum capacity and as a result, there have been cases of the systems components failing or freezing up due to over use and/or exposure to cold temperatures. Programs like the Child Development Center have been forced to relocate due to low interior tempratures.

“To mitigate risk our HVAC technicians are conducting early morning building checks, and we have overridden our night time set-backs so facilities systems are operational during night time single digit temperatures,” said Tom Kelly, director of the Public Works here. “We have also taken other actions such as increasing boiler water temperatures.”

With more cold weather on the way, building residents are asked to call the DPW work order desk at 245-4019 and immediately report any heat or other emergency issues during normal duty hours. Each emergency request is evaluated and a mitigation strategy developed and executed. After hours call the Carlisle Barracks Fire Department at 245-4419 who will contact DPW.

Cold weather tips

  • Select proper clothing for cold, wet, and windy conditions. Layer clothing to adjust to changing environmental temperatures. Wear a hat and gloves, in addition to underwear that will keep water away from the skin (polypropylene).
  • Take frequent short breaks in warm dry shelters to allow the body to warm up.
  • Perform work during the warmest part of the day.
  • Avoid exhaustion or fatigue because energy is needed to keep muscles warm.
  • Use the buddy system (work in pairs).
  • Drink warm, sweet beverages (sugar water, sports-type drinks). Avoid drinks with caffeine (coffee, tea, or hot chocolate) or alcohol.
  • Eat warm, high-calorie foods like hot pasta dishes.