The National Guard celebrates 381 years in service to USA

By Public Affairs Staff    08 December 2017

Lt. Col. Diane Armbruster of the New York National Guard welcomed the entire class of 2018 student body this morning to wish happy 381st birthday to National Guard.

Armbruster reminded her colleagues in the Active and Reserve components, sister Services, other agencies and other countries, what it means in 2017, to be 'Always ready, always there." She shared many insights about the range of responsibilities such as: Hurricane response and other humanitarian operations, state partnerships with foreign countries to international training exercises throughout the world.

The proclamation reviewed that today, the National Guard is an operational partner meeting the sustained demands of our Nation's security and local communities. Soldiers and Airmen actively serve at home, and overseas. Since 9/11, Guard members have deployed over 850,000 times, and today we have, on average, over 30,000 Guardsmen mobilized around the world in support of our warfighting commanders.

The Class of 2018 has 25 Army National Guard students while the Air National Guard has 4 students.

Army National Guard Members:

  • Lt. Col. Ross Brashears
  • Lt. Col. Magee Cameron
  • Lt. Col. Diane Armbruster
  • Lt. Col. Timothy Brower
  • Lt. Col. Tracianna Winston
  • Lt. Col. Alan Gronewold
  • Lt. Col. Erica Christie
  • Col. Robert Ferry Jr
  • Lt. Col. Scott Craig
  • Lt. Col. Edmund Riely
  • Lt. Col. Russell Wolf
  • Lt. Col. Douglas Clay
  • Lt. Col. Joseph Cognitore III
  • Lt. Col. Philip Tennant
  • Lt. Col. Kendrick Cager
  • Col. Jason Fryman
  • Lt. Col. Michael Hatfield
  • Lt. Col. Arthur Roscoe Jr
  • Lt. Col. David Pidone
  • Lt. Col. Kurt Mueller
  • Lt. Col. Pedro Casiano
  • Lt. Col. Arvid Hill
  • Lt. Col. Scott Nicolas
  • Lt. Col. William Hummer
  • Lt. Col. Max Brosig

Air National Guard Members:

  • Lt. Col. Richard Hunt
  • Lt. Col. Adam Rogge
  • Lt. Col. Kristian Harjo
  • Lt. Col. Bernadette Maldonado

Lt. Col. Diane Armbruster of the New York National Guard
Lt. Col. Bernadette Moldonado of the Missouri Air National Guard