U.S. Army War College News

Title Date Published
COVID vaccine & booster appointments walk-in clinic Jan 19 - and appointments for Jan 18 or 25 Dec 29 2021
Space: A whole new war domain Dec 22 2021
Army Col. Driver enhances tailored education with Army War College studies with the nation’s allies and partners Dec 16 2021
USAWC professor recognized for refining a critical part of the tailored education experience Dec 08 2021
Dr. Celestino Perez honored for creating a tailored experiential learning approach to educating strategists Dec 06 2021
Student spouses understand stressors, best practices to manage stress Dec 05 2021
USAF Col. teaches strategic logistics, mentors USAWC students Dec 02 2021
AAFES Exchange remodeling project highlights CLIF meeeting Dec 01 2021
Call for papers extended to Feb 2 - for Strategic Landpower Symposium @ArmyWarCollege @ Carlisle Dec 01 2021
Army implements new suicide prevention initiative Nov 29 2021
Army War College professor serves as a liaison among institutions of thought leadership Nov 17 2021
Cohesion and camaraderie motivate new Soldiers, valued by Army Veterans Nov 11 2021
#USAWC students in new Enterprise Management specialization talked change leadership with V/CJCS Nov 08 2021
War College students use an innovative, experiential tool to test a strategic concept for emerging challenges in a specific region Nov 05 2021
#USAWC International Alumni Continuing Ed Program teaches in Europe Nov 03 2021
Dr. Richard Lacquement uses his expertise to convey strategic elements and challenges of a pivotal war to a broader audience Nov 02 2021
Dr. Jacqueline Whitt , USAWC professor fills a gap in scholarship with her book chapter, answering social/cultural questions about serving in the military Nov 01 2021
This year marks the centennial of The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Nov 01 2021
Roundup of regional Veterans Day events PLUS AHEC to highlight Veterans Day with an Oath of Enlistment for ten new recruits Nov 01 2021
USAHEC presents - Signals intelligence to cyber: Deep background, WW2-Cold War Oct 31 2021
An international alumna of the Army War College offers students insights about the international environment Oct 29 2021
Army War College students talked directly with the Army’s leader about Army priorities Oct 28 2021
PEOPLE: Army leaders glimpse quality of life support for Afghans at Fort Lee Oct 26 2021
Dr. Anthony Pfaff examined new territory in ethics, and earned honors for Excellence in Scholarship from Army War College Oct 25 2021
Project Origin robotic vehicles join JRTC rotation in historic first Oct 24 2021
Strategic Landpower Symposium dates set for May 2022: call for papers now Oct 23 2021
Army War College honored Dr. Frank Jones for his excellence in scholarship for academic year 2021 Oct 21 2021
The Army War College honored Dr. John Deni for excellence in public scholarship Oct 20 2021
US Army War College honors Dr. Stephen Gerras for excellence in teaching and scholarship for the academic year 2021 Oct 18 2021
Chief of staff: Most signature systems to be fielded by 2023, people still No. 1 priority Oct 15 2021
SecArmy discusses ‘extraordinary year’ for Army, future challenges Oct 12 2021
The Army War College honored Dr. Ron Granieri for excellence in scholarship for the academic year 2021 Oct 08 2021
AUSA 2021 - America’s Army and its People, Transforming for the Future Oct 07 2021
Author examines the new narrative of the Asia-Pacific War Oct 07 2021
COVID-19 Vaccinations now mandatory for DoD Civilian Employees & Service members Oct 05 2021
Carlisle Barracks to host virtual Retiree Appreciation Day on Facebook Oct. 16 Oct 05 2021
Educate the next military, civilian and international leaders Oct 03 2021
War Colleges students experience Gettysburg in an entirely new way Oct 01 2021
SHARP resources now available to Army civilians Oct 01 2021
Commandant Sends--Carlisle Barracks shifts to HPCon BRAVO+ Sep 28 2021
Liaison officers assist Afghan evacuees during transition Sep 22 2021
US, NATO, Ukraine enhance interoperability with Rapid Trident exercise Sep 21 2021
Army War College’s speaker bureau a resource of expertise and experience Sep 19 2021
Army War College Commandant: Seeking help is a strength, suicide prevention resources available Sep 16 2021
Army War College celebrates Airman who aim high Sep 15 2021
Tradition holds 9 beats 8 Sep 14 2021
Relationships, connections and support critical to preventing suicide Sep 14 2021
Army Vice Chief of Staff: Strategic leaders prioritize people first, disciplined training, cohesive units Sep 14 2021
Army War College 9/11 Commemoration: Memories of sacrifice, unity, patriotism Sep 11 2021
Army War College Distance Education students share their stories and reflections about 9/11 Sep 10 2021
Army Strategist deliver strategic perspectives on complex problems Sep 10 2021
Army War College students share their 9/11 remembrances Sep 10 2021
U.S. and U.K. Armies have a common focus - People Sep 10 2021
All -- You’re invited to the 20th anniversary commemoration of September 11, 2001 -- outdoors, at AHEC, or live-streamed: www.armywarcollege.edu/live Sep 09 2021
Army War College Change of Command, August 31 Aug 31 2021
9/11 Commemoration: ‘Tunnel to Towers’ 9/11 mobile exhibit at AHEC, Aug 31 10am-6pm Aug 30 2021
All the information you want to know about local vaccine clinics for Carlisle Barracks community Aug 29 2021
U.S. Army War College welcomes, convenes Resident Class of 2022 Aug 23 2021
Army War College Change of Command to be livestreamed - www.armywarcollege.edu/live Aug 22 2021
Understand the care available and those providing it at Dunham & Dental Clinics Aug 19 2021
Teaching chair Col. Douglas Winton guides faculty, leads change Aug 18 2021
Students compete with one another in Boatyard Wars Aug 16 2021
Yes! IT’S ON -- Class of 2022 Family Welcome Picnic & Boatyard Wars, Friday, 6 pm Aug 13 2021
New assignments announced for MG Stephen J. Maranian, MG David C. Hill Aug 11 2021
Secretary of Defense Austin’s message to the force: Get the shot - Stay healthy – Stay ready Aug 10 2021
Resilience expert encourages USAWC students to ‘get bent back in shape’ Aug 10 2021
Carlisle Barracks shifts to indoor masks for ALL -- Health Protection Condition BRAVO Aug 09 2021
Antiterrorism expert: Don’t get complacent, do your part for all of us Aug 09 2021
Waypoint 2028-2029 Aug 06 2021
Civilian professionals meet for the first time during orientation Aug 05 2021
Army War College education applied: Lance Oskey commits to developing the Team Aug 04 2021
RAND Study on Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination in the Active-Component Army Aug 02 2021
Carlisle Downtown Community & on-base Services welcome the Class of 2022 Aug 02 2021
Army lieutenant wins gold in Tokyo Olympics Jul 28 2021
Army leader LTG Potter congratulates, challenges Army War College Class of 2021 Jul 23 2021
Army G2 to spoke at this year’s Army War College distance education graduation ceremony Jul 23 2021
Citizen-Guests provide civil-military capstone to challenge Army War College Distance Studies Jul 22 2021
Distance Education students finish first week of Second Year Course Jul 16 2021
Carlisle Barracks shifts to Health Protection Condition Alpha Jul 16 2021
USAWC educators gather to honor local area school educators Jul 16 2021
Deputy chief of staff, G2 to speak at this year’s Army War College Graduation Ceremony Jul 16 2021
What you need to know about DDE graduation 2021 Jul 15 2021
LTC Molina assumes command of U.S. Army Garrison Carlisle Barracks Jul 08 2021
Army offers helpful PCS resources as COVID-19 creates household goods shipment delays Jul 08 2021
Aug 13 - Anne Ely Parking lot will be limited in support of the Opening Ceremony for the class of 2022 Jul 07 2021
USAWC interns receive expert guidance from Army War College researchers and faculty Jul 06 2021
Class of 2022 international fellows welcomed to the War College Jul 06 2021
LTC Shannon Merkle takes command of Dunham Army Health Clinic Jun 28 2021
COVID mask policy continues for Carlisle Barracks Jun 28 2021
A 2020 AWC grad returns to serve the distance education students Jun 28 2021
Carlisle Barracks evaluates its safety procedures Jun 27 2021
International fellows begin year of opportunities and challenges Jun 25 2021
Army policy allows transgender Soldiers to serve openly Jun 24 2021
Former Distance Education Director leaves a legacy of innovation Jun 23 2021
First Year Residence Course delivers the same quality education in a new format Jun 21 2021
Allies and partners at the U.S. Army War College completed Academic Preparation for graduate-level strategic studies Jun 20 2021
African Lion: National Guard supports continent’s largest military exercise Jun 18 2021
June 25 - Community SITREP: Construction vehicle only entrance on Post Rd.; Full-scale exercise June 30; Legal Assistance Office moved to Upton Hall? basement?; Post Cemetery, Jim Thorpe Rd. parking lot closed, June 14-July 17 Jun 18 2021
Juneteenth designated U.S. national holiday Jun 17 2021
?Army Conducts Fourth Disinterment of Native Americans at Carlisle Barracks Jun 15 2021
Army War College, Carlisle Barracks celebrate Army Birthday 246 Jun 14 2021
Army Chief of Staff celebrates Army War College Class of 2021: graduate degree, JPME-II Jun 11 2021
Army War College Students and Faculty recognized for their skills and leadership Jun 10 2021
International faculty add experience, strategic empathy to Regional Studies Jun 09 2021
Alumni Connect now open to Army War College 2021 resident students and faculty Jun 08 2021
Raise our Voice! USAWC Student Spouses learned together & ‘paid it forward’ Jun 07 2021
Mask policy modified for Fully Vaccinated; Appointment site HERE for Moderna COVID vaccine June 2 Jun 06 2021
Joint Staff policy officer discusses the importance of Women, Peace and Security Jun 05 2021
AY 2021 Skills Days series: how senior leaders can overcome “Bathsheba Syndrome” Jun 02 2021
Now hiring ..... Jun 01 2021
US Army now hiring Jun 01 2021
Asian Americans are strategic human capital asset for national security May 31 2021
July 4, 2021, marks the 245th anniversary of America’s birth. May 28 2021
DC-based national security experts engage Army War College students May 26 2021
Volunteer sponsors critical to Army War College International Fellows Program May 25 2021
Live, Friday, Jun 11 at 1030 -- www.armywarcollege.edu/live -- Graduation of the Resident Class of 2021 May 25 2021
Former Steeler, Army veteran Rocky Bleier will be Memorial Day speaker at Army Heritage & Education Center, May 31 May 20 2021
Former Steeler Rocky Bleier will be the guest speaker at this year’s AHEC Memorial Day ceremony May 20 2021
US Army War College salutes United Nations Peacekeepers May 19 2021
Duty Calls - three resident students graduate early May 18 2021
A Salute to Nurses May 12 2021
It’s “Nurses Rock!” Week: Dunham Health Clinic’s Deputy Commander of Nursing exercised innovation during COVID-19 May 06 2021
Army War College expands strategic wargame for joint and international war college students May 03 2021
Duty calls - three residents students graduate early May 03 2021
Record amount of students participate in Jim Thorpe sports day Apr 30 2021
Army War College Community completes the virtual Bataan Death March on the Appalachian Trail Apr 28 2021
Record amount of students participate in Jim Thorpe sports day Apr 26 2021
New vacc clinic dates: May 12, 18, 19, 25 and 26 vaccine appointments for all TRICARE beneficiaries, DoD employees Apr 25 2021
Army War College, Penn State Dickinson Law School partner for Cyber education Apr 21 2021
Polishing their English, writing, and research skills, International Fellows to start Academic Preparatory Course Apr 19 2021
Housing Update: Important reminder, move-out notices are due no later than close of business today, April 26, 2021 Apr 19 2021
113 years of courageous service to the Army and the Nation Apr 18 2021
Carlisle Scholars to debate “China” with Ecole de guerre students: you can participate Apr 18 2021
Students engage with FBI, WSJ and FEMA leaders during staff ride Apr 09 2021
COVID-19 inspires students and faculty to find new ways to maintain their fitness Apr 03 2021
Dunham’s innovative physical therapy clinic continues to provide care during COVID Apr 03 2021
Holocaust Survivor Daniel Goldsmith discussess his ordeal with Army War College students and staff Apr 01 2021
Great Decisions 2021 lectures can now be viewed on YouTube Apr 01 2021
Sergeant Major of the Army Michael Grinston talks to students about the Army’s focus on People-First Mar 26 2021
Civilian disturbances, national ceremonies and Covid-19 confirms the need for relationships Mar 23 2021
ACFT 3.0: Exploring a more inclusive scoring assessment, planks stay Mar 22 2021
Outthink, outmaneuver with military Space Power Mar 19 2021
#USAWCBookShelf highlights USAWC authors Mar 19 2021
Through partnerships - Nominative Leadership Course expands conventional thought Mar 15 2021
Dunham welcomes new Licensed Clinical Social Worker Steve Peters Mar 01 2021
Applied Communications Lab enables faculty to enable students Feb 26 2021
USAWC Prof. Nathan Freier - Gray Zone Conflict on the Homeland - Great Decisions Lecture Series online Feb 24 2021
Dunham welcomes new pediatrician Dr. Suzan Lowry Feb 19 2021
Friday online: Black History Month event - celebrating the Black Family Feb 18 2021
Moderna vaccine safety: The Rest of the Story Feb 13 2021
Industry Day: defense industry professionals and USAWC students examine the relationship between industry and the warfighter Feb 12 2021
CG, Army Futures Command -- Modernization must be constant Jan 27 2021
USAWC Commandant Sends #15--Alignment of Values, Words and Deeds Jan 25 2021
War College Colonel: From Marching to Waltzing Jan 21 2021
Commandant Sends #14: Message to the Team in honor of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Jan 15 2021
DOD releases 2021 Basic Allowance for Housing rates Jan 04 2021
Soldiers, civilians to repay tax deferments through December 2021 Jan 02 2021
Prof. Bob Bradford discusses the APPLE(W) framework to solve problems Jan 02 2021