Online In-Processing

Your welcome email from the commandant and the email from G1/Personnel Officer included a personalized 'token' that gives you access to Online In-Processing. These steps are to be completed before arrival at Carlisle Barracks.

You will be asked ONLY for the specific information needed to optimize student and family transition for your early success - AND we'll tell you why we collect each piece of information, e.g., demographic information (to create optimal student mix for each seminar); housing application; a survey for military students of baseline military knowledge; a writing diagnostic.

NOTE: The key is a one-time use, with a 30-day lifespan. If you've created your account within that 30 days, you may return to the site at any time using either your CAC card or your User ID. If you do not use the key within 30 days, contact the G1 at

Enter Online In-processing


Resident Student Plan Ahead

RESIDENT STUDENT PLAN AHEAD for - Dress codes, dues, social activities, kids' participation in on-base programs, housing choices and forwarding address for on-base homes

Dress codes over the course of a year will require all of these:

USAWC patch
Post Exchange clothing sales

Military Clothing: The Exchange has very limited military clothing items but can take orders. The closest Military Clothing Sales is located at Fort Indiantown Gap about an hour away in Annville, PA. Your colleagues in earlier classes recommend buying all needed clothing items before arriving at Carlisle. Expect to wear a business suit 4 to 5 times a week

Dues and Fees: Each class will make decisions about class dues and social activities; you can anticipate expenses of class dues, e.g., SSC resident & distance class gift and yearbook, and social events come with a per-person price tag. The resident student body will form a non-profit organization for the class, with representation from each of the 24 student seminars. The Resident Class of 2020 will create its own norms, decide about amount and purpose for class dues, and decide on whole-class social activities. Plan for fees to run from $0-$350.

Social and athletic activities: These ARE part of the Carlisle experience. Remote families can plan weekend visits to join geo-bachelor students and socialize with seminar colleagues for key events, highlighted below. Each year's social activities reflect the character of the student body. Most are held on base; most call for casual dress. (The Joint Ball is an exception: optional, held off base, formal). A rule of thumb is family-friendly OR parents-night-out with babysitting available through Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS) for those who register.

All incoming Reserve/ National Guard officers: 717-245-4115

Pennsylvania has specific, unique requirements - check before you travel:
Pa Department of Motor Vehicles Military Personnel/Veterans Information Center
Pa Department of Education overview of homeschooling
Firearms information - Pa State Police (All post residents must register firearms, call 717-245-4929)


Plan for Social Events


August 2021

September 2021

October 2021

December 2021

December 2021

December 2021

January 2022

February 2022

March/April 2022

April 2022

May 2022

June 2022

*LVCC = Letort View Community Center, on base
*Indian Field = athletics field, on base
*AHEC = Army Heritage & Education Center outdoor field


Contacts for pre-arrival questions, interests

More than 2000 pursue strategy education at the Army War College through varied programs. The resident course includes almost 400. Others are listed below.

For ALL educational participants, the Plan Ahead Contacts to War College and Post is a quick orientation to services, activities, and inside information about your time at Carlisle.

G1/ Personnel Office, email TO

Army Lodging at Carlisle Barracks (by International Hotels Group)

Housing Office, email TO

Balfour Beatty Communities Family Housing Mgmt

Transportation Office,
Phone: (717) 245- 3997/3172

Military Pay, Army, email TO

Military Pay, Air Force-Navy-Marine,
see Senior Service Representative

Health Clinic, Dunham U.S. Army
Dunham Nurse Advice Line, Call 1-800-TRICARE, option 1
Emergency Room: closest is Carlisle Regional Medical Center (Call 911)

Exceptional Family Member Program,
ACS (Army Community Services)


Carlisle Barracks Dental Clinic (military only)

Civilian Personnel (see USAJobs for listings

School Liaison Office (LNO with school districts)