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Golf course announces fee changes for 2018

In an effort to make the rate structure easier to understand and to help offset increased upkeep and maintenance costs, the Carlisle Barracks Golf Course will condense fee categories and raise some fees for the first time in nearly 7 years.

Effective Feb. 1, the rates listed below will be in effect and have been condensed from five categories to three.

“These fees will help up offset some of the costs in upkeep that we have absorbed for the last 6-7 years,” said Matthew Hoffman, Assistant Business Manager/Head Golf Professional Carlisle Barracks Golf Course. “We’ve seen increased costs in fertilizers, chemicals and more that we need to keep our facility among one of the best in the area.” 

“These rates are still competitive with the rates you will see at many public and private courses in the area,” said Hoffman. The fee changes also bring the course into compliance with IMCOM guidance.

Also coming in the near future is a brand-new, state of the art golf clubhouse. Ground breaking for construction is scheduled to start late this summer on the new 9,900 square foot facility that will feature a full bar and dining area and year-round golf simulator. 

Just a reminder that the Carlisle Barracks Golf Course is open to the general public, not just DoD ID Card holders and retirees.