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Graduates singled out with writing, speaking, leadership awards

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June 8, 2017 -- Army War College graduates honored for writing were announced by Provost Lance Betros, singling out top performers for graduation kudos and enduring impact within the national security community.

Army War College students and USAWC Fellows, who have studied at some of the nation’s top educational institutions, won four of the nine awards in the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff essay competitions hosted by NDU Press.  Additional awards selected 26 members of the Class of 2017 for acknowledgement of writing, speaking and leading prowess that advanced understanding of significant issues in strategic thought. 

USAWC Faculty lend mentorship to research projects. These faculty advised the award-winning students and fellows:  Dr. David Lai, Dr. Stephen J. Gerras, Dr. Richard C. Bullis, Dr. C. Anthony Pfaff, Dr. Jeffrey L. Groh, Dr. Glenn K. Cunningham, Dr. Andrew A. Hill, Dr. Don Snider, Col. Douglas W. Winton, Col. Douglas G. Douds, Prof. John F. Troxell, Dr. Christopher J. Bolan, Dr. Paul C. Jussel, Col. Stephen K. Van Riper, Prof. Douglas C. Lovelace, Prof. Venaya Eftimova Bellinger, Dr. Antulio J. Echevarria, Prof. Philip M. Evans, Prof. Brett D. Weigle, Col. David W. DeTata, Dr. Marybeth Ulrich, and Col. Edward A. Kaplan.

The 2017 SECDEF National Security Essay Competition awarded third-place honors to Col. Paul Wayne Turnbull for “Asian Alliances in the Era of America First.”  Turnbull was a USAWC Fellow this year at the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies. His project advisor was USAWC research professor Dr. David Lai.

 USAWC students received first and third place awards in the CJCS Strategic Essay Competition for Strategic Research Papers of 5000 words.  Lt. Col. Benjamin R. Ogden, earned 1stplace for “Butter Bar to Four Star: Deficiencies in Leader Development;” and Lt. Col. Owen G. Ray was awarded 3rdplace, for “The Second Wave: Resurgence of Violent Islamic Extremism in Southeast Asia,” respectively. In the Strategic Article (1.5 thousand words) category of the CJSC competition, Col. James M. Efaw received the 2ndplace award, for “Countering Violent Extremists’ Online Recruiting and Radicalization.”

The Commandant’s Award for Distinction in Research was awarded to these:

  • Air Force Lt. Col. Charles B. Cain, for ‘Go and Artificial Intelligence: Potential for Strategic Decision-Making”
  • Mr. Mark. M. Hamilton, Defense Civilian, for “The Third Offset, Remotely Piloted Systems, and Moral Hazards”
  • Col. Harold L. LaRock II, for “Improving Strategic Risk Assessment and Communication,” developed as an Army War College Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Col. Mark B. Sherkey, for “Emerging Currents and Guiding Lights in a Sea of Goodwill”
  • Lt. Col. Patrick J. Sullivan, for “Strategic Robotpower: Artificial Intelligence and National Security”
  • Dr. James T. Treharne, for “Building Soldier-Civilian Trust in Mixed Army Organizations”

The Foreign Area Officer Association Research Award:

  • Col. Stephanie R. Ahern, for “The Russian Way of War: Implications for the U.S. Army”

The Excellence in Logistics Research Award and Retired Lt. Gen. Eugene J. D’Ambrosio Logistics Writing Award:

  • Mr. Joseph a. Brooks, for “Time: Exploring the 4thDimension of Strategy”

The General Matthew  B. Ridgway Writing Award:

  • Col. Shawn P. Creamer, for “Answering the Korea Question: U.S. Government Policy toward the Unified command and the Korean Armistice Agreement.” Creamer was a USAWC Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Army War College Foundation Awards for Outstanding Research Paper:

  • Col. Michael J. Birmingham, for “Organizing Eric Hoffer’s Theory of Mass Movements”
  • Ms. Wendy Marshall, for “Mitigating Divergence from Strategic Intent”
  • Mr. Patrick Quinn, for “Deception as a Supplement to the Instruments of National Security”
  • Marine Lt. Col. Mark R. Reid, for “Warrior Entrepreneurs: Fostering U.S. Marine Corps Maneuver Warfare Philosophy”

Army War College Foundation Daniel M. Lewin Cyber-Terrorism Technology Writing Award

  • Lt. Col. Kenneth J. Biskner, for “The Russian Exploitation of the Cyber Gap in International Law”

Army War College Foundation Col. Don and Mrs. Anne Bussey Military Intelligence Writing Award

  • Lt. Col. Andrew  W. Jones, for “Re-examining the Enlightenment: Origins of Mission Command and Ethical Reasoning”

The Col. and Mrs. T. Bristol Military History Writing Award

  • Col. Patrick E. Proctor, for “The United States Army’s Experience in the Balkans and Transformation”

Army War College Foundation Col. Jerry D. Cashion Memorial Writing Award

  • Col. Scott W. Mueller, for “The Great Enabler: The AVF and the Use of Force”

Army War College Foundation Dr. Sara L. Morgan Civilian Development/ Management Writing Award

  • Col. Jonathan C. Taylor, for “Are We Really Ready or Do We Need a New Accessions Paradigm?” Taylor completed his Army War College Fellowship at the Department of Health and Human Services

Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) Writing Award

  • Lt. Col. Richard R. Balestri, for “Recasting the Carter Doctrine: Pursuing Proportionality in Arabian Gulf Petro-Security:

Marine Corps Association and Foundation Gen. Thomas Holcomb Writing Award

  • Marine Lt. Col. Neil J. Owens, for “Japan’s Strategic Renassaisance: Implications for U.S. Policy in the Asia-Pacific”

Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) Writing Award

  • Col. Erik L. Christiansen, for “Curbing the Trend of Retired General/ Flagg Officer Political Endorsements”
  • Lt. Col. Scott Myers, for “The U.S. Military … America’s Easy Button”

 Military Order of the World Wars Writing Award

  • Col. William D. Voorhies, for “Rejecting the ISIL Tumor”

Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association Writing Award

  • Air Force Lt. Col. Mark C. Dmytryszyn, for “The Field of Human Conflict: Developing HAPDB and Cyber Doctrine”

U.S. Military Academy’s Simon Center for the Professional Ethic Writing Award

  • Col. Derek K. Thomson, for “Reclaiming the Essence of Leadership”

Reserve Officers Association (ROA) Lt. Gen. Thomas J. Plewes Writing Award

  • Chap. (Col.) James L. Boggess, for “More than a Game:  Decision Support Systems and Moral Injury”

Carlisle Barracks and Cumberland Valley Chapter of the Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) Award for Excellence in Public Speaking

  • Mr. Jesse D. Munoz, for “Security America”

The Army War College Foundation Lifetime Alumni Membership Award

  • Col. Arvesta P. Roberson II.