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Dunham Army Health Clinic staff

October 18, 2017 -- Dunham Army Health Clinic's pharmacy renovation project will span August through December for work that will create more efficient, safe and quality care support to beneficiaries. During the construction, staffing shortfalls have created some peaks in wait times that were longer than expected.

Dunham has moved all refill prescription pick-ups to the Exchange pick-up site for the duration. Now, the command is placing additional Soldiers at the Exchange location to help speed up the process of dispensing medications. Additionally, the clinic leadership has requested additional assistance from its high headquarters to improve wait times.

Right: More than half of the Dunham Pharmacy is under renovation, with construction work scheduled after patient hours. This is the view from the pharmacy windows waiting for a prescription.

"We appreciate your patience as we struggle with staffing shortages and limited work space.  We are working on improving our processes to fit this dynamic situation," said Maj. Megan C. Moakler, Dunham Deputy Commander for Nursing.

"Our pharmacy staff has been amazing during our renovation, often volunteering to stay 1-2 hours past our closing time to make sure we meet the needs of all of our beneficiaries.

"We realize that many of you are frustrated with our current pharmacy operations, but please continue to be considerate and understanding of our pharmacy staff.  Our main priority is to provide a safe environment for our staff and safe dispensing of medications for our patients," said Moakler.

Changes underway, on behalf of Dunham Clinic beneficiaries, includes the new ticketing categories for the pharmacy:

A Ticket – This ticket is for Active Duty Service Members in uniform (to include USAWC student uniform) who are picking up prescriptions for themselves.  If you are not in uniform or if you are picking up prescriptions for family members, please respect all of our other beneficiaries and choose a different ticket.  The intent of the A Ticket is to promote readiness by keeping Service Members in class or at work during the duty day.  It is similar to being able to walk to the front of the line at the PX between 11 am and 1 pm.

B Ticket – This ticket is for all beneficiaries who are picking up new prescriptions ordered by their provider.  These prescriptions are either hard copy, faxed, emailed, or entered by DUSAHC providers through the electronic healthcare record to the Dunham Pharmacy.  This includes all renewals of medications (medications that have run out of refills and your provider had to re-prescribe them).

 C Ticket – This ticket option is for beneficiaries who have a hard copy prescription that they would like to drop off and return later (3 hours up to the next day) to pick up.  Each hard copy prescription needs to be hand entered and checked by our pharmacy staff and takes more time to process than electronic prescriptions that are already in our system.

PX Refill Pharmacy – We have initiated a mandatory refill pick-up at the Carlisle Barracks Exchange refill pharmacy location.  To better serve you, please call in your refills at the earliest date possible and allow 3-4 days to pick them up from the Exchange pharmacy.