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Meet Your Garrison: Shughart keeps post on cutting edge of security programs

Members of the Carlisle Barracks Army Community Service and Emergency Management staff recently took part in evaluating a State Health and Human Services exercise. Becky Myers and Jeff Hanks from ACS (middle) and emergency manager Barry Shughart (far left) and volunteer Brian Proa took part in the multi-day mass care focused exercise held at Shippensburg University and Penn State Harrisburg Aug. 13-16.

While Carlisle Barracks may be one of the smaller installations in the Army, the employees and programs here focused on security are among the leaders in the Army.

“I helped build the protection programs we have at Carlisle that lead the way for the Army. Carlisle is usually ahead of the Army protection trends,” said Barry Shughart, Installation Emergency Manager. He has been tapped by the Army on numerous occasions to help build new security and protection programs.

“I was asked to be part of developing the Army's Emergency Management and Protection programs and I brought those ideas back to Carlisle,” he said.

He was quick to note though, that the development and execution of these programs is a team effort.

“But it isn't just me, the working groups have helped me develop these programs, convince the leadership this is the direction we need to go and we have all built a great set of protection programs here at Carlisle,” he said. “I get to interface with my counterparts in the military and in the civilian sector. I get to work closely with all the local military, including the MDW area, HQDA, West Point, Ft Lee and Ft Detrick. We have a good working relationship with our county, regional task force and the State emergency management agencies.”


The emergency management program here is multifaceted, including making sure they are complete, exercising them on a regular basis and ensuring that installation employees are trained in what to do during an emergency.


Shughart, a Carlisle native, joined the Army in 1976 because he wanted to “learn how to climb mountains and jump out of airplanes.” After getting out for a year after his initial four year commitment, he re-joined and stayed in until 1998. He came to work at Carlisle Barracks in 2002 in operations. He has since served as an Operations Center watch officer while the EOC was 24/7 and through the changeover and birth of IMCOM. He has also been an Antiterrorism Officer, OPSEC officer, Chief of Plans and Operations, for a brief time the DPTMS and currently the Installation Emergency Manager.