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Carlisle Barracks fire fighters assist with local three-alarm fire

Fire fighters from Carlisle Barracks were among the 40 fire companies that responded to a recent three alarm fire at a glass factory in Mt. Holly Springs.

A team of four firefighters and one engine were on scene yesterday morning as part of the mutual support that they provide to area communities including the Carlisle Borough, North Middleton Township, South Middleton Township, Middlesex Township and the Cumberland County Haz-Mat team. During the incident the crew supplied water to the plants sprinkler system and engaged in firefighting inside the building.

“We average about nine mutual aid calls per month,” said Carlisle Barracks Fire Chief Jim O’Connell. He said that they are often called on by the Cumberland County 911 center to assist with calls ranging from structure fires to vehicle accidents and medical assistance.

“What we offer is a fully trained crew of four firefighters responding to all mutual aid calls,” said O’Connell. “The surrounding communities are volunteer and could have manpower issues during the day. “

O’Connell noted that Carlisle Barracks is never left without protection as the post is a two engine fire company.

At the end of the day, providing support to the larger Carlisle community is important according to O’Connell.

“We want to support our neighboring communities and by doing so we keep our skills fresh,” he said.