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IMCOM Commanding General visits Carlisle Barracks

Lt. Gen. Kenneth Dahl listens to James Johnson, Child and Youth Services Program Operations Specialist, about a new system that will allow McConnell Youth Center staff to have up to the second information on where youth and staff are located throughout the facility.

June 21, 2017 -- Lt. Gen. Kenneth Dahl, Installation Management Command Commanding General, spent more than a day with USAG Carlisle Barracks leadership, directors and employees earlier this week on his first official visit to the installation as the IMCOM CG.

His visit was focused in three areas -- infrastructure, security and people – and included a tour of Root Hall, the Fire Station, Visitors Center on Claremont Road and the McConnell Youth Center. During the tour of each facility Dahl heard success stories, challenges and best practices that can be shared across IMCOM.

“Each installation has unique challenges but in most cases we see opportunities to share solutions from other installations to help meet these challenges,” said Dahl. In Root Hall and the fire station he was able to see first-hand the challenges of operating and maintaining aging infrastructure.

“We see this across the Army and it truly is a challenge,” he said noting the cuts in funding and increased requirements in recent years. He also met with USAG directors and special staff to hear their concerns which included hiring lags for civilian employees. He also provided an update on the stand-up of the Installation Directorates which are co-located with major commands like TRADOC, and how his role as changed as a result of being the first IMCOM director without a dual-hat as the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management.

“It’s allowed me to focus solely on our installations and work with the staff every day in San Antonio,” he said. “They can ask for guidance or support every day and it allows me more flexibility to visit our installations.” Dahl has visited more than 60 installations during his time as IMCOM’s CG. 

At each stop Dahl spoke with employees to ask their opinions on activities, how new IMCOM policies are affecting operations or if they had any advice on how to improve services.


Lt. Gen. Kenneth Dahl speaks with Lt. Col. Sally Hannan, Carlisle Barracks Garrison Commander, outside of the vehicle inspection area on Claremont Road. Dahl was able to tour the Visitors Center and speak with police and firefighters about their support to the installation and local community.


Dahl noted that as budgets got tighter, all installations have to look at what services they provide, which may require curtailment and what may need to be eliminated. He said that recent programs like the Service Culture Initiative are designed to help identify best practices in order to provide the best experience to customers, Soldiers and their Families. 

While here, Dahl recognized employees and volunteers who represented hard work and dedication. Recognized were Staff Sgt. Liane McCory, Tax Center NCO, and Dan Barney and Jay Tisserand, two volunteers, for their efforts in saving servicemembers, families and retirees hundreds of thousands in tax preparation fees and Al Marquez, Chief of the Plans and Operations Division, for his efforts in the planning and execution of the recent change of command and USAG support to the resident graduation.

At the McConnell Youth Center Dahl was able to see the state-of-the-art center as well as a new initiative developed by James Johnson, CYS Program Operations Specialist. Using existing equipment, Johnson was able to develop a new tracking system for children utilizing the center using a touch screen monitor and linked tablets.

“This allows us to see at any moment exactly where our kids are,” he said. The system refreshes every nine seconds and allows the children to update where they are going using a simple touch screen interface. The system replaced a system that relied on a magnetic chalkboard.

“This is really a creative solution,” said Dahl after viewing the system in action by a group of kids attending the summer camp. Johnson, Robert Suskie III, director of the Center and Mel Irwin, CYS director.


Lt. Gen. Kenneth Dahl speaks with Lt. Col. Sally Hannan, Command Sgt. Maj. Jamie Lethiecq and Tom Kelly about the post’s environmental programs.