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Robert Martin, USAWC Public Affairs
Jesse Munoz wins Army War College public speaking contest

Four USAWC students speak, in competition, about strategic security

May 16, 2017 – Four speakers vied for supreme orator within the Army War College yesterday: Air Force Lt. Col. Timothy Hoffman; Navy Cmdr Joel McMillan; Border Patrol Agent Jesse Munoz and Pakistan Brig. Gen. Nadeem Ashraf all competed in the public speaking event held in Wil Washcoe Auditorium.

Munoz was the overall winner of this year’s event, speaking on the topic he selected, “Securing America.”

“I thought it would be different,” said Munoz, about his choice of topic.  He said he expected the students with a military background to speak about strategy from a military perspective. “So, I thought this would be something different … national security but from a home land security standpoint.”

“As I move up through the ranks at DHS I have to speak publicly, so it’s one of those things I try to do whenever I can,” he said. “I still get really nervous right before I am about to start, but it has gotten better. It is just one of those things you have to practice, practice and practice to get better.”

Hoffman spoke about “Problems with Constitutional War Powers;” McMillan spoke about “Natural Security;” and Ashraf’s topic was “Interventionism: A strategic Concern.”

Dr. Larry Miller, the competition director, set the theme of “Strategic Security in a Dynamic World: Pressing Issues.” Entrants were invited to speak on any aspect or dimension of the theme and advocate for a course of action. The competition objective is to present a speech that is fundamentally persuasive in character, and 5-7 minutes in length.

The three judges were Col. Robert Balcavage, Chief of Staff; retired Col. Ruth Collins, CEO, U.S. Army War College Foundation; and Mr. David Bennett, adjunct faculty member.

Munoz will be recognized at graduation, June 9, with a certificate and cash award. His will be added to previous years’ Top Speakers on the USAWC Speaking Competition Trophy displayed in the Root Hall Library.

When asked about why he picked his subject Munoz said “I thought it would be different, because being from the Department of Home Land Security and the Border Patrol, a lot of the guys having a military background would speak about strategy as far as the military so I thought this would be something different.  It’s national security but from a home land security standpoint opposed to a DoD stand point.