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Garrison leaders refine skills, gain new tools in training

Garrison leaders and directors gathered in the Upton Hall Conference Room April 27 to learn new tips and tools in dealing with “customers,” which includes other employees, military members, families, retires and the general public.

“I tried not to approach the leaders as if we were doing something wrong, yet this is merely an opportunity for us to build on customer service, which we are currently doing, by utilizing a few new approaches introduced by IMCOM,” said Tony Robinson, Workforce Development Specialist for the Garrison, who conducted the training. The training, part of the IMCOM Customer Service Initiative, included discussions, practical exercises, introduction of customer service techniques and the opportunity to develop an action plan to implements what they learned in their own organization.

The IMCOM initiative is designed to enhance the level of customer service and inculcate a culture (defined as shared value) of service excellence within all facets of the Command.

The foundation of this initiative is leader engagement.

“Leaders must be open, honest, and straightforward in communication, especially during periods of change,” said Lt. Gen. Kenneth Dahl, IMCOM Commanding General about the CSI. “Through leader and community engagements, all echelons of IMCOM will use every available opportunity to inform and educate our employees, our customers, and the communities we serve about the changing environment and how IMCOM will continue to support them.”

The initiative is built upon the premise that excellence in customer service is a by-product of how you treat your employees, the Service Culture Initiative establishes an environment where employees have engaged and caring leaders, feel valued and respected, possess a sense of belonging or loyalty to the organization, and treat each other with dignity and respect, said Dahl.

“It is proven that in such an environment, employees are likely to have a positive attitude and enjoy working in the organization,” he said. “This positive attitude is then ‘passed forward’ to each other and those we support.”

Dahl said the feedback from the field helped drive the creation of the program.

“This is a long-term commitment to improving how we treat our IMCOM team members and improve ourselves as an organization,” he said. “The Service Culture Initiative is designed to ensure our employees are prepared for and empowered to deliver services in the best possible manner given available resources. The initiative also ensures that those we support understand and acknowledge IMCOM’s commitment to serving them and our contribution to Army readiness.”