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‘Spring cleaning’ at Carlisle Barracks means clean up, water tower, tree work to start

With the weather finally warming up (fingers crossed) a few projects will kick off next week at Carlisle Barracks.

It all kicks off with a volunteer spring cleanup by the Soldiers and civilian employees of Carlisle Barracks. Volunteers can come to Upton Hall at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, April 18 to get their bags, vests and assignments. Those taking part are invited to a cookout at the pool pavilion later that day.

Power washing and re-painting of the large water tower at Butler and Sumner Roads will begin April 19 and is expected to be complete by April 28. Temporary fencing will be installed on April 18, with power washing to follow and painting to start April 21. There will be NO road closures during the project.

Lawn mowing operations will being starting April 17 and dead trees near the Exchange will also be removed.