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Dedicated team keeps roads clear during winter weather

Members of the CHIMES team were recognized by Maj. Gen. Bill Rapp, Army War College Commandant, Lt. Col. Greg Ank, Garrison commander and Command Sgt. Maj. Nelson Maldonado, Installation CSM and CSM Christopher Martinez, USAWC CSM for the recent actions in clearing the snow after a recent snowstorm that dropped more than a foot of snow on the area. Pictured are (left to right) Maldonado, Greg Shade, Rapp, Eric Engle, James Woodruff, Zach Thompson, Kurtis Miller, Scott Bowermaster, Zach Singiser, Keith Sourbeer, Ank, Josh Moomaw and Mike Bowermaster and Martinez. Not pictured is Brian Noel.

When the forecast calls for snow, many of us think about a day off of work or school and maybe even catching a few more hours of sleep.

For the members of the CHIMES team here however, it may mean long days into nights as the eight-man team works to clear the installation roads and parking lots to keep residents and employee safe. CHIMES is the contractor responsible for the roads and lands at Carlisle Barracks, under the direction of Public Works.

During the recent storm that dropped over a foot of snow on Carlisle Barracks, members of the team began work at 10 p.m. on Monday with a three-person crew to make sure the main artery of Carlisle Barracks, starting at the Claremont Road Gate, was open to ensure safe travels for emergency vehicles. The rest of the 11-person crew arrived at 3 a.m. Tuesday morning and worked around the clock, working 12-hour shifts with breaks for meals and rest, finally stopping at 7:30 p.m. IHG Hotels offered rooms for showers or overnight stays for those working to combat the snow.

The work isn’t done once the snow stars falling and the roads are cleared. After the post was reopened on March 15, the team was back to work at 4 a.m. the next day to clear parking lots and clear snow piles so operations could resume at 9 a.m.

When the snow falls also affects the priority of effort for snow removal. During the work week, the main priorities after the gates are the academic areas around Root and Collins Halls and the CDC and youth center. If the snow falls on the weekend the focus shifts to the retail area and post chapel.

While the CHIMES team does most of the heavy lifting in snow events, everyone on post plays an important role, including residents and building managers.

“Residents really help us out when they move their vehicles off narrow roads like Forbes Avenue and Garrison Lane before the storms hit,” said Tom Kelly, director of Public Works. “This allows us to plow this roads much more quickly and safely.” Kelly also said that building mangers, who are responsible for clearing the sidewalks and areas around their building, also put in long hours during a snow event.