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USAWC Press publishes new edition of Parameters
March 8, 2017 -- The latest edition of Parameters is now available online, with a range of articles, commentaries, and book reviews of note to national security professionals.
See in particular the article by Maj. Gen. Rapp entitled "Ensuring Effective Military Voice." 
Here's the abstract:  "Culture, psychology, and decision-making structures place limits on the development, delivery, and impact of effective military voice in national security policy discussions.  Only by working together and overcoming theses limits will both military and civilian leaders ensure the robust dialogue necessary for solvent national security policies and successful waging of wars."
See also Brig. Gen. George Schwartz's commentary on a previous Parameters article entitled "Rightsizing the Army in Austere Times."
This edition of Parameters includes book reviews by Dr. Steve Metz, Dr. Marybeth Ulrich, Dr. W. Andrew Terrill, Andy Terrill, Prof. Al Lord, and Dr. Jim Scudieri.
See also the reviews of Drug Trafficking and International Security by Dr. Paul Kan (DNSS) and Drawdown: The American Way of Postwar, edited by LTC Jason Warren (CSL).