More USAWC Community Information

Keeping our community safe is everyones job

We all know that our police, guards and emergency responders are the front line in keeping the Carlisle Barracks Community safe. But each of us also has a very important role in keeping our community safe and secure. This includes everything from vandalism to possible security concerns.

If something doesn't look right, it's your duty to report it. Asking questions and paying attention to changes around you may help save lives.

Not sure how or who to call? There are a number of ways to do so at Carlisle Barracks.

If the situation is an emergency or requires immediate attention, call 911.

Carlisle Barracks and the United States Army War College has an “ iWATCH ” Program; See Something – Say Something. In short, suspicious persons, packages, and vehicles that are seemingly out of place should be reported to the Carlisle Barracks Police Desk at, (717) 245-4115 or online using the suspicious activity report at

The form can be filled out anonymously.  

Give as many details as you can. Here is a checklist to help you.

1. The date and time

2. Where it happened

3. What you witnessed.

4. A description of who was involved

  • Male or female
  • How tall
  • Build
  • Hair color, skin color, age
  • English speaking or another language?

5. Was there a car? Note the license plate number.

6. Have you seen this activity in your neighborhood before?